10/31/2022 - Mary Barra Says GM EVs Will Qualify For the Full $7,500 Tax Credit in Three Years

10/31/2022 - Lamborghini Urus Recalled for Frying its Backup Camera and Screen

10/31/2022 - This Is Ferrari's New Le Mans Hypercar, The 499P

10/31/2022 - Honda's Asimo Just Wanted to Be Friends

10/31/2022 - These Are the Life Skills You've Learned by Working on Cars

10/31/2022 - Jeep Shows Off All-Electric Restomod CJ Surge Ahead of SEMA

10/31/2022 - Farewell, Ford Fiesta

10/31/2022 - Celebrate Halloween with Duel, The Scariest Car Movie of All Time

10/31/2022 - BMW Has No Intention of Changing Its Controversial Design Style

10/31/2022 - Horror Movie Cars That Haunt Our Nightmares

10/31/2022 - Dodge Will Reveal the Last of the 'Last Call' Challengers and Chargers as Soon as Their Engines Stop Exploding

10/31/2022 - The Aston Martin DBX Has a Delightful DB5 Tribute in its Dashboard

10/31/2022 - FALSE ALARM: You Can Still Order a 2023 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing (Update)

10/31/2022 - Honda Is Bringing Battery Exchange Stations to Japan

10/31/2022 - Tesla Locks Its Trailer Mode Software Against Third-Party Hitches

10/31/2022 - Ross Chastain Wallrides Into NASCAR's Championship 4

10/31/2022 - GM Pulls Ads From Twitter After Tesla CEO Elon Musk's Takeover

10/31/2022 - GM and Ford are Getting Chips Into Their Cars That Need Them

10/31/2022 - Drought Exposes Sunken Riverboat on the Mississippi River

10/31/2022 - Maine Begins Recalling Explicit License Plates

10/31/2022 - What Is the Spookiest Car of All Time?

10/31/2022 - At $18,000, Is This 1952 MG TD Midget a Pretty Big Deal?

10/31/2022 - The 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R Is Scary Quick But Shockingly Friendly

10/31/2022 - The 2023 Kia Telluride Keeps Punching Above its Weight

10/29/2022 - What the Hell Happened to Supersonic Passenger Flights?

10/28/2022 - Late Paperwork Saved Fernando Alonso's 7th Place Finish in Austin

10/28/2022 - Ducati's Muscle Cruiser Diavel Gets the Multistrada's V4 Engine

10/28/2022 - Check Out the 2023 Ford Escape's Sleek New Styling

10/28/2022 - Edmunds Took Its Ford Lightning and Rivian R1T to a Tractor Pull

10/28/2022 - Who Modded It Best: 2022 SEMA Acura Integra Edition

10/28/2022 - How Steve Fixed His Motorcycle Project With Help From the Furry Community

10/28/2022 - Nissan GT-R, Presumed Dead, Is Back For 2023

10/28/2022 - Icon's LS9-Powered Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3 Is a God-Tier Restomod

10/28/2022 - These Are the Most Beautiful Cars You've Owned

10/28/2022 - The Automotive Mistake That Ruins the Movie 'Halloween'

10/28/2022 - Joe Biden Lost a Drag Race in His 1967 Corvette

10/28/2022 - Kia’s Rebelle Rally Duo Shares Training Routines and Finish-Line Dreams for This Year’s Race

10/28/2022 - United Airlines Wants People Who Drive to Fly on Electric Planes Instead

10/28/2022 - Aston Martin's Formula 1 Cost Cap Issues Were Due to Desks and Chairs

10/28/2022 - Fast & Loose Is the F1 Podcast Every New Race Fan Needs

10/28/2022 - Some Tesla Owners Think Their Cars Can See Dead People

10/28/2022 - Ford Ordered to Pay Millions for Allegedly Stealing Software

10/28/2022 - The Soft Top Is The Best Toyota RAV4 Of All Time

10/28/2022 - The United States Grand Prix Reminded Me Why I'm Here

10/28/2022 - Chip Shortage Forces Toyota to Temporarily Issue Metal Keys for New Cars in Japan

10/28/2022 - Red Bull Racing Faces Fine and Testing Penalty for 2021 F1 Cost Cap Breach

10/28/2022 - Europe Finalizes 2035 Death Date for ICE-Powered New Cars

10/28/2022 - What Life Skill Did You Learn Through Wrenching?

10/28/2022 - How a Fun Game About Off-Road Trucking Became the Center of a Legal Slugfest

10/28/2022 - 2022 BMW M4 Competition Convertible: What Do You Want to Know?

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10/27/2022 - How to Watch Formula 1, NASCAR, NHRA and Everything Else in Racing This Weekend, October 29-30

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10/27/2022 - No, The IIHS Isn't Recommending 'Monster Trucks' for Teen Drivers

10/27/2022 - Watch Gears and Gasoline Swap a Camry Hybrid Engine Into Their MR-S Race Car

10/27/2022 - Dodge's Last Call Special-Edition Models Wear a Hefty Price-Tag, Starting at Over $60,000

10/27/2022 - Wild Rumor Claims Next-Gen Toyota GR86 Will Be a Turbo Hybrid

10/27/2022 - The Subaru BRZ Is the True Modern-Day Datsun 240Z

10/27/2022 - NASA Brings Together 16-Scientist Panel to Research UFOs

10/27/2022 - You Can Enjoy Unlimited Flights for One Year... On Frontier

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10/27/2022 - The Earliest Touchscreen Nav System Began With 100 Oldsmobile Toronados in Florida

10/27/2022 - Toyota Has Quietly Given Up On Production Goals: Report

10/27/2022 - BMW Debuts 2023 R1250 R With More Standard Features, Same Price As Last Year

10/27/2022 - XPeng Strapped a Drone to a Hatchback and Called it a Flying Car

10/27/2022 - Railroad Union Rejects Tentative Contract Agreement, Inching Closer to a Strike

10/27/2022 - What's the Most Beautiful Car You’ve Owned?

10/27/2022 - 2023 Honda Civic Type R: First Track Drive

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10/26/2022 - The Velocity Invitational Is the Rolex Historics for the Rest of Us

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10/26/2022 - Kyle MacLachlan Was the Subaru Impreza in Japan

10/26/2022 - Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, Loves to Speed in Her Tesla Model S

10/26/2022 - Tesla Allegedly Facing a Federal Criminal Investigation Over Its Self-Driving Claims

10/26/2022 - These Are Your Guilty Pleasure Cars

10/26/2022 - Cassandra Peterson, AKA Elvira, Bought Her First Car With Go-Go Dancing Money

10/26/2022 - Autonomous-Driving Startup Argo AI Is No More

10/26/2022 - GMC Electrifies the Sierra for 2024

10/26/2022 - Toyota Wants to Lift Your Tundra With New TRD Kit

10/26/2022 - Ferrari Trento Brings Tradition and Modernity into F1's Podium Celebrations

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10/26/2022 - Pour One Out For The Dear, Sweet Ford Fiesta

10/26/2022 - Audi Selects Sauber to Become Factory F1 Team in 2026

10/26/2022 - Rivian's Sorry for the Recalls, But Pats Itself on the Back for Quick Service

10/26/2022 - Toyota Isn't Quite Ready to Boost EV Output

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10/25/2022 - VW Celebrates the GTI's 40th Anniversary With a Limited Edition

10/25/2022 - Lucid's New Home Charger Adds up to 80 Miles of Range in One Hour

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10/25/2022 - You Can Make This JDM Nissan Homy Your Home

10/25/2022 - GM Will Expand Cruise Robotaxi Service to Austin and Phoenix This Year

10/25/2022 - Tesla Could Cut Production Costs By Half, Igniting Rumors Of Cheaper Tesla Model

10/25/2022 - F1 Helps Break Passenger Records for Austin-Bergstrom Airport

10/25/2022 - God's Perfect Corvette Is For Sale in Canada

10/25/2022 - You'll Be Able to Build and Customize Pretty Ridiculous Rides in NFS Unbound

10/25/2022 - Lexus Updates the 2023 ES With New F Sport Packages

10/25/2022 - NASCAR Whelen Euro Series Will Race on Ice in 2023

10/25/2022 - The Ford Aerostar Was the Minivan That Could Drift

10/25/2022 - One Province in China Has More EV Charging Stations Than the Whole U.S.

10/25/2022 - Ram's Plan to Sell Trucks in Australia Is to Let a Local Factory Do the RHD Conversion

10/25/2022 - GM's Dustbuster Minivans Looked Like the Future

10/25/2022 - U.S. in ‘Valley of Death’ as Autonomous Cars Write Checks the Tech Can’t Cash, Warns Pete Buttigieg

10/25/2022 - ESPN's New 3-Year Contract to Broadcast Formula 1 Is Great for American Viewers

10/25/2022 - Golfer Sues Ford Dealer, Country Club for Backing Out of F-150 Prize

10/25/2022 - Elon Musk's Next Move Could Bring Tesla Plant to Mexico

10/25/2022 - Watch Ken Block Hoon an Electric Audi Around Vegas in Gymkhana 11

10/25/2022 - What's Your Guilty Pleasure Car?

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10/24/2022 - This Vintage Tank Simulator Is Powered by a Tiny Camera on a Scale Model Landscape

10/24/2022 - This Lincoln Aviator Dressed as a Rolls-Royce Can Be Yours

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10/24/2022 - Honda EVs May Qualify for the EV Tax Credit Thanks to GM Doing the Heavy Lifting

10/24/2022 - How to Tackle an 8-Day, Off-Road Race through the Desert

10/24/2022 - Sike! VW Is Ditching Capacitive Steering Wheel Buttons Because Everyone Hates Them

10/24/2022 - Rivian Temporarily Discontinues R1T's Powered Tonneau Cover Because It Keeps Breaking

10/24/2022 - Red Bull and Formula 1 Team Founder Dietrich Mateschitz Dies at 78

10/24/2022 - Circuit of the Americas Is Formula 1's True Home in the U.S.

10/24/2022 - 'Rookie Season' Is a Must-Watch for Anyone Who Has Dreamed About Racing

10/24/2022 - Former Owner Of Mansion With Mercedes Buried In The Yard Was One Sketchy Dude

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10/22/2022 - You're Wrong About the Yugo

10/21/2022 - Hyundai Built a Mini Resort Powered Entirely by Ioniq5s

10/21/2022 - Behold the Splendor of the Hyundai Grandeur

10/21/2022 - American Airlines Is Getting Rid of First Class on International Flights

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10/21/2022 - Formula 1 in America Was Never the Same After 2005 United States Grand Prix

10/21/2022 - FIA Announces Changes Following F1's Tractor Incident in Japan

10/21/2022 - Toyota Canada's Application to Buy a GR Corolla Morizo Is More Stringent Than the Ford GT's

10/21/2022 - The 2023 Porsche 911 GT3 RS 'Tribute to Carrera RS' Is Exactly What the Name Suggests

10/21/2022 - Car Found Buried 5 Feet Under Backyard of Ritzy Home Stumps Police

10/21/2022 - Jeep Wranglers, Jeep Gladiators, and Ram 1500 Trucks With Diesel Engines Recalled for Potentially Faulty Fuel Pumps

10/21/2022 - People Are Relying on ADAS to Do Things it Can't Do

10/21/2022 - Riding a Monkey Bike Across Mongolia Is Amazing and Painful

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10/20/2022 - Stellantis CEO and EU Executives Can't Agree on EVs

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10/20/2022 - Porsche to Formula 1: Not Dead Yet

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10/20/2022 - LA Residents Call For Action as Increased Private Jet Travel Pollutes Their Skies

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10/20/2022 - Formula 1's American Street Races Were Doomed to Fail From the Start

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10/20/2022 - New Jersey Bill Takes a Soft Stand Against In-Car Subscriptions

10/20/2022 - General Motors May Make a Midsize Hummer EV Truck

10/20/2022 - The Ineos Grenadier, Which Is Technically Not a Land Rover Defender, Starts Production

10/20/2022 - McLaren to Use Digital Ad Screens on Its F1 Cars

10/20/2022 - Elon Musk Swears Tesla Isn't Having Demand Problems

10/20/2022 - Valtteri Bottas Says F1’s Perception in America Changing Rapidly

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10/19/2022 - Stellantis CEO Says Chinese EV Tariffs Are Needed to Avoid 'Social Unrest'

10/19/2022 - Meet the Woman Who Lived Out of Her Truck On Mongolia's Coal Highway

10/19/2022 - California Startup Wants You to Replenish Your EV (and Personal) Energy Stores At Taco Bell

10/19/2022 - Pikes Peak Sanctions New Testing Program For Automakers

10/19/2022 - Toyota's GR Sport-ified RAV4 for Europe Deserves Some Attention

10/19/2022 - Companies Are Betting Big On Luxury Bus Travel

10/19/2022 - Gran Turismo 7's Next Update Completes the GT-R Family, But Brings No New Track

10/19/2022 - White House Announces First Grants of $12.5 Billion Bridge Investment Program

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10/19/2022 - All the Non-Race Meet-Ups at the 2022 United States Grand Prix

10/19/2022 - Dealer Group Settles With FTC For $3.38 Million Over Discrimination, Bogus Fees

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10/19/2022 - The Audi R8 Is a Charming Relic of a Mid-Engine Supercar

10/19/2022 - BMW Investing $1.7 Billion in South Carolina for EV Production

10/19/2022 - Harley-Davidson Headquarters Will Be Repurposed as Company Embraces Work From Home

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10/19/2022 - Double Champions Techeetah Won’t Race in Formula E Next Year

10/19/2022 - Semi-Autonomous Teslas Were Involved In 10 More Fatalities This Year

10/19/2022 - Drought Along Mississippi River Adding to U.S. Inflation Woes

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10/18/2022 - Foxconn Wants to Make EV Trucks For Tesla and Apple

10/18/2022 - Frontier Airlines Hiring Candidates With No Flight Experience To Tackle Pilot Shortage

10/18/2022 - Attorney Asks Governor Newsom, State of California to Sue Hyundai and Kia Over Ongoing Vehicle Thefts

10/18/2022 - The Specialized Turbo Creo SL Is a Nearly Perfect Electric Road Bike

10/18/2022 - This Pontiac V8-Swapped Porsche 911 is a Blasphemous Creation of Possible Genius

10/18/2022 - Thank Recession Fears for Lower Gas Prices

10/18/2022 - You’ll Never be Rich Enough to Match Your Private Jet With Your Bentley

10/18/2022 - 2023 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Drops Price, Adds All-Wheel Drive

10/18/2022 - Hyundai and Kia Will Lose $2 Billion on Fixing Bad Engines This Quarter

10/18/2022 - Volvo’s EX90 Interior Will be a Scandi Living Room Made From Recycled Bottles

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10/17/2022 - Mars Rover Opportunity Documentary Shows the Special Bond Between Humans and Robots

10/17/2022 - World's Third Richest Man Sells Private Jet Because He's Afraid of Twitter

10/17/2022 - Stellantis Is Considering Pulling out of China

10/17/2022 - The Future of Acura's Supercar Factory

10/17/2022 - Bogus Bag Check Fees May Cost American Airlines $7.5 Million in Class Action Settlement

10/17/2022 - Tesla Reportedly Shifting Battery Production from Germany to Texas

10/17/2022 - These Are the Vintage Cars You Think Aged the Worst

10/17/2022 - Lyft Raises Service Fee to Pass Higher Insurance Costs onto Customers

10/17/2022 - 2022 Rebelle Rally Stage Six: A Long Day and A Long Path to the Dunes of Glamis

10/17/2022 - Stellantis CEO Wants to Get Rid of EU7 Emissions Regulations

10/17/2022 - Moke Returns to U.S. with Highway-Legal EV for Anyone After a Terrifying Commute

10/17/2022 - You Can't Get a Honda Civic Under $25,000 Anymore

10/17/2022 - Formula E Is Reportedly Ditching FanBoost for 2023

10/17/2022 - The Jeep Avenger Is a Tiny, Europe-Only EV

10/17/2022 - The 1959 United States Grand Prix at Sebring Almost Ended in Financial Ruin

10/17/2022 - 2023 Toyota GR Corolla: How Would You Configure Yours?

10/17/2022 - Renault 4Ever Trophy Revives the Classic Renault 4 as a Rugged Electric Mini-SUV

10/17/2022 - BMW Boss Says Manual Transmissions Will Be Available in M Models Until 2030

10/17/2022 - Alfa Romeo 'Is Now in a Position to Fund its Own Future'

10/17/2022 - Carvana Is Suing Michigan Over the State Banning it From Selling Cars

10/17/2022 - Ford Recalls F-150 and Bronco Sport for Flickering Parking Lights

10/17/2022 - Give Yourself an Eargasm Watching Pato O'Ward Drive Ayrton Senna's Championship McLaren Around Laguna Seca

10/17/2022 - What's the Worst Example of Automotive Badge Engineering?

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10/14/2022 - Model F4 Phantom Hit by Train After Crashing in Britain

10/14/2022 - Rivian Recalls Nearly Every Car It Has Built

10/14/2022 - GA State Senate Candidate Wants Weaker Drunk Driving Laws

10/14/2022 - BMW M Cars Might Keep Getting Uglier, But They're Not Losing Straight Sixes and V8s Anytime Soon

10/14/2022 - Polestar Jumps on the SUV Bandwagon With the New 3

10/14/2022 - Mazda Confirms Two Brand-New Engines for the U.S.

10/14/2022 - Lincoln Dealers Will Have to Spend Nearly $1 Million on Upgrades to Sell EVs

10/14/2022 - California's Incentive Programs for Low-Income EV Buyers Must Expand to Meet Low Emissions Goals

10/14/2022 - Old Racing Games Sure Had a Way of Creating Fake Regionalized Cars That Never Existed

10/14/2022 - Scientist Might Have Cracked 10-Minute Electric Car Charging

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10/14/2022 - Use of a Nuclear Weapon Would Likely Ground All Air Travel: Report

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10/14/2022 - The Lamborghini Urus Performante Delivers on the Track or in the Dirt

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10/14/2022 - The Porsche-Volkswagen Situation May Be Too Complex for Its Own Good

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10/14/2022 - What Vintage Cars Have Aged the Worst?

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10/13/2022 - Manual Transmission Returns to Some Mini Models for 2023

10/13/2022 - French Rally Canceled Due to Fuel Shortages Caused by Oil Workers' Strike

10/13/2022 - How to Watch NASCAR, MotoGP, NHRA and Everything Else in Racing This Weekend, October 15-16

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10/13/2022 - Blind Woman Flies Across the U.S. to Inspire Kids in the Same Condition

10/13/2022 - Keanu Reeves’ Arch Motorcycle Debuts Second, Sportier Model Dubbed 1s

10/13/2022 - The Hyundai/Kia Theft Fix Is a Lot Worse Than You Think

10/13/2022 - Nikola Founder Called 'Con Artist' by Prosecutors

10/13/2022 - Sony Honda Mobility Is the Wild Card in Honda's EV Future

10/13/2022 - My Ordered EV No Longer Qualifies For The Tax Credit! What Other Car Should I Buy?

10/13/2022 - MotoGP's Maverick Viñales Criticizes Supersport 300 After Recent Rider Death

10/13/2022 - BMW, AirConsole Team Up for In-Car Gaming

10/13/2022 - NASA Says Artemis 1 Will Launch for Real Next Month

10/13/2022 - Carvana Wants You to Beg for Its Return to Michigan

10/13/2022 - Alex Bowman Sidelined With Concussion for Three More NASCAR Cup Series Races

10/13/2022 - Alpenglow Concept Offers a Glimpse at a Forbidden Alpine Hypercar

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10/12/2022 - Portal Axle Kit Turns Your Ford Bronco Into a Monster Truck

10/12/2022 - NASCAR Will Foot the Bill for 2023 Cup Series Safety Upgrades

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10/12/2022 - Feds Recommend Speed Limiting Technology in New Cars: Everybody Panic

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10/11/2022 - Williams F1, IndyCar Sponsor Rokit Has Left Sport in Shambles

10/11/2022 - Delta Throws $60 Million Into eVTOL Flying Taxi Trend

10/11/2022 - Google Keeps Making Android's Driving-Focused Modes Worse

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10/11/2022 - $100 Billion and 10 Years of Development Later, and Self-Driving Cars Can Barely Turn Left

10/11/2022 - Shocking: People Who Buy 'Semi-Autonomous' Cars Pay Less Attention While Driving

10/11/2022 - Uber/Lyft Drivers One Step Closer To Becoming Employees

10/11/2022 - Rising Oil Prices and Demand Cause Gas Prices to Jump

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10/10/2022 - Nio Is Working on One, Possibly Two Sub-Brands for Cheaper EVs

10/10/2022 - W Series Ends 2022 Season Three Races Early Due to Lack of Funding

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10/10/2022 - Passengers Flee 19-Hour Train Ride From Hell

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