What Vintage Cars Have Aged the Worst?

Not all vintage cars mature like fine cheese, some age in a similar way to leftover takeout that’s forgotten on your sideboard for days.

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A photo of a woman leaning out the side of an Edsel Pacer coupe.
I too like to lean enthusiastically out the side of my ugly old cars.
Photo: Ford

We’re all used to seeing the same beautiful old cars rolled out for automotive meets and Jalopnik slideshows. Things like the Aston Martin DB5, Ferrari 250 GT California, or the C3 Corvette all look as timeless and elegant now as they did when they first rolled off the factory floor. But not every vintage car has managed to age in the same majestic way.

Where cars like the DB5 have matured in the same way as a fine wine or whisky, there are other old motors that are starting to look like they’ve aged about as well as a glass of milk. And these are the vehicles we want to hear about when we ask, “What vintage cars have aged the worst?”

Cars with designs that, at the time, seemed innovative and groundbreaking might now look dated and old-fashioned. Or old vehicles that were meant to be pioneers of new technologies or interior features might now seem about as advanced as a Nokia 3310.


Classic American coupes like the Edsel Pacer fit the bill quite nicely.

Where compatriots such as the Ford T-Bird or the Pontiac GTO have aged beautifully to become collector’s items, the Edsel hasn’t quite managed the same feat. Sure, it’s kind of rare, as the company built less than 7,000 two-door coupes in its time. But the styling hasn’t matured in the same way as the clean lines and sharp look of cars like the GTO.

But what other models would you like to add to this list? Head to the comments section and let us know your picks for the vintage cars that have aged the worst. We’ll round up some of the worst offenders in a slideshow on Monday.