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Turns Out That Lifted Corvette Is Pretty Damn Good at Off-Roading

The lifted beast of a Corvette C5 has a new owner who is taking it to places Corvette has never been before.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Gif: Westin Champlin YouTube (Other)

That lifted C5 Corvette we covered a few months back has a new owner. And he’s hooning it off-road.

The lifted C5 was originally built by YouTuber ZeroToSixty. He bought the typically paved-track beast and modified it with a four-inch lift and fitting it with not-cheap 33-inch Nitto Ridge Grappler tires. While he did drive it, he was really aiming to sell it — eventually posting it to Facebook Marketplace for just $8,500.


Somebody adored that car as much as most of us here at Jalopnik did, and our coverage apparently helped the YouTuber sell it. Now the ‘Vette has a new owner — another Youtuber known as Westin Camplin. Camplin has been hooning the off-roading-looking beast through the Illinois backcountry — and the rides are just as wild as you’d expect. At one point Camplin says the thing is like a rally car. I agree. It could most definitely pass as a Skunkworks rally car someone made in their garage.

We Off-Road Test a Corvette....and 100% Didn’t Break it

But it doesn’t just look like a one-off rally car. It has the performance capabilities of a rally car. The combination of the suspension lift with the off-road tires makes this typically gravel-averse darling into a mean off-roader — handling things like nice sized rocks and steam fording.


Honestly, the world could use more crazy cars/mashups like this. So if you’ve had that wild project that’s been sitting in your head for years — this off-roading Corvette proves your wacky idea is likely not that wacky after all. Build it.