GA State Senate Candidate Wants Weaker Drunk Driving Laws

Surprise, surprise. This politician also has a DUI.

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Photo: Josh McKay

If you go to Georgia state senate candidate Josh McKay’s campaign site, it looks pretty standard for a Republican. The yellow and white color scheme is a bit unexpected, and the issues page could easily have been copied from a generic Republican template. Faith. Family. Freedom. Whatever. But what’s not there is that he’s part of an organization fighting to loosen drunk driving laws.

11 Alive reports that McKay sits on the board of the National Motorists Association, a similarly bland-sounding organization that probably wants safer roads or something. Except it’s not. Among other things, the NMA thinks drunk driving laws wrongly take away your freedom.


Incidentally, McKay also reportedly got a DUI back in 2002.

When 11 Alive reached out to McKay for a comment, they say he never responded. But the spokesperson for the NMA did, and it sure was something.


“You can nanny people all you want. But many people have to decide for themselves how much they can take when they drive, like distracted driving,” Shelia Dunn, a spokesperson for the NMA told 11 Alive.

If you’re curious, the NMA is also against laws banning drivers from using cell phones while driving, having speed bumps in neighborhoods, and adding bike lanes to streets. All very normal stuff.


As you can imagine, Georgia’s solicitor general, Brian Whiteside, isn’t thrilled with McKay and the NMA, telling 11 Alive, “We look at the evolution of vehicles. Vehicles are faster than they’ve ever been. It’s irresponsible in regard to the realities of the world. If you’re (running) to be a state representative, I would seriously question your knowledge about what happens to victims [of DUI].”

McKay’s opponent Nabilah Islam, a radical leftist clearly out to take all your freedom, also released a statement saying, “Georgians are divided on many important issues, but we should all agree that drunk driving is bad. Someone who wants to permit more drinking and driving is not fit to serve in the legislature.”


I’d say it’s disappointing that the pro-drunk driving guy got the Republican nomination, but come on. This is the state that decided Herschel Fucking Walker deserved the nomination. But like Walker, don’t assume McKay has the election in the bag. I couldn’t find any current polling for this particular race, but Georgia’s 7th district picked Biden and Ossoff over Trump and Perdue in 2020, so it should at least be close.

If you’d like to help make sure the DUI guy doesn’t get elected, you can donate to Nabilah Islam’s campaign here.