You Have All Disappointed Me Once Again

White remains the most popular car color in iSeeCars' 2022 survey, and that blows.

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Are you driving a white Cadillac as part of a stage production of ‘Saturday Night Fever’? No? Then pick a different color for your car.
Are you driving a white Cadillac as part of a stage production of ‘Saturday Night Fever’? No? Then pick a different color for your car.
Photo: Patrick Riviere (Getty Images)

When people say, “the world is your canvas,” I don’t think they were talking about literally leaving everything in your life a boring shade of white, but it seems that car buyers are just desperate to maintain a grayscale world, iSeeCars reports. And that is extremely disappointing. You have all disappointed me.

iSeeCars examined over 6.1 million cars on the road, and the stats are in: White, black, gray, and silver account for a whopping 78.5 percent of all vehicles on the road. I hate it.


Here’s how the numbers break down:

  1. White: 25.8 percent
  2. Black: 22.3 percent
  3. Gray: 18.4 percent
  4. Silver: 12.1 percent
  5. Blue: 9.5 percent
  6. Red: 8.6 percent
  7. Brown: 0.9 percent
  8. Green: 0.8 percent
  9. Orange: 0.6 percent
  10. Beige: 0.5 percen
  11. Purple: 0.3 percent
  12. Gold: 0.2 percent
  13. Yellow: 0.1 percent

iSeeCars accounts for the success of blue, too, by saying it can be a more “subdued” color; after all, plenty of the blue shades on the market nowadays could be mistaken for gray or black.


You can check out the full iSeeCars study here, since it also delves into the most popular colors by state and city. I was fascinated to learn that the most colorful state in the U.S. is... West Virginia? And that the least colorful state is California.

The jury is still out about why folks love their white vehicles. Some say white is a safer color than other colors thanks to its stark contrast against pavement. Others say that, with the introduction of things like the iPhone, white became the universal color for futuristic technology, whereas in the past that color had been silver. Others say white is favorable because it goes with everything or looks more luxurious. It’s also apparently “easy to maintain since you know when you need to wash it, but I’m going to be honest: That’s annoying.


All I’m going to say is, that’s boring. You’re all boring. Life is too short to drive boring-looking cars, so go out there and pick a fun paint color. Remember what it’s like to live a little.