5/31/2022 - 2023 Lexus RX Has More Engine Options and Fewer Seats

5/31/2022 - Take a Trip Without a Destination. It Could Change Your Life

5/31/2022 - Motorcycle Parts Seller BikeBandit Has Stolen $646,000 of Customers' Money and Disappeared, Says Bankruptcy Trustee

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5/31/2022 - Los Angeles’ 710 Freeway Expansion Plan Is Officially Canned

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5/31/2022 - The All-New 2023 Land Rover Defender 130 Will Start At Under $70,000

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5/31/2022 - Red Bull Guest House Brought the 1970s Party Scene Back to Formula 1

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5/31/2022 - At $5,000, Could This 1993 BMW 318is Prove That Less Is More?

5/30/2022 - This Exceedingly Rare Porsche 356 Pre-A Is About to Tackle the 1000 Miglia

5/30/2022 - Let's Rewatch the Gut-Wrenching, Unbelievable Finish of Le Mans 2016

5/30/2022 - How Gran Turismo Pushed the PlayStation Past its Limits and Revolutionized Racing Games

5/30/2022 - The Yamaha SRX600 is Studio Ghibli Famous

5/30/2022 - The 106-MPG, Compressed-Air-Powered Car Was a Fever Dream From the 2008 Fuel Crisis

5/30/2022 - Rewatching the Brilliance of Early Regular Car Reviews

5/30/2022 - Please Convince Me Not to Buy This Suzuki Alto Works

5/30/2022 - That Time Only Three Drivers Finished the Monaco Grand Prix

5/30/2022 - This 3.5-CC Miniature V8 Is a Work of Art That Actually Runs

5/30/2022 - Honda Thinks EVs Will Kill Mega-Dealerships

5/30/2022 - Who Really Won the First Indy 500?

5/30/2022 - I Have Created the Greatest Apple Car Rendering Yet

5/30/2022 - The Pagani Website Load Screen Is a Nod to the Signature Quad Exhaust

5/30/2022 - Every Woman Who Has Entered the Indy 500

5/30/2022 - 2022 BMW 330e: What Do You Want to Know?

5/30/2022 - Russian Super Glue Is Strong Enough to Lift a Lada

5/30/2022 - Traffic Jams: Vampire Weekend - ‘Walcott’

5/30/2022 - At $3,995, Could This Salvage Title 2002 Lincoln Blackwood Have You Saying “Yes I Would?”

5/29/2022 - Flaming KTM X-Bow Rolls Away Without Driver at Nürburgring 24

5/29/2022 - Marcus Ericsson Wins The Indianapolis 500 in a Two-Lap Sprint

5/29/2022 - Red Bull's Sergio Pérez Wins a Wet Monaco Grand Prix

5/29/2022 - Why The 1912 Indianapolis 500 is Worth Remembering in 2022

5/28/2022 - Marc Márquez to Undergo 4th Surgery on Right Arm

5/28/2022 - Speedway, Indiana: 1912's Walled City of our Car-Centric Future

5/28/2022 - WTCR Cancels Nürburgring Round Only 15 Minutes Before First Race

5/27/2022 - This Vintage Film Is Still the Best Explanation of How a Differential Works

5/27/2022 - This Scale-Model IndyCar Is Almost Indistinguishable From the Real Thing

5/27/2022 - Google's New Street View Camera Will Fit Any Car With a Roof Rack

5/27/2022 - Help! I’m Thinking About the Chrysler Concorde Sex Commercial Again

5/27/2022 - The Mercedes Formula E Team Makes Electric Bikes Now

5/27/2022 - VW Has Sold 47 Arteons In The U.S. So Far This Year

5/27/2022 - These Are the 25-Year-Old Cars You Want to Import Right Now

5/27/2022 - Pony.ai Lost Its Testing Permit Because Of Driving Violations By Its Safety Drivers

5/27/2022 - Welcome to Jalopinions: Where We Debate Cars on the Spot

5/27/2022 - Delta to Cut Flights Just as Summer Travel Season Ramps Up

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5/27/2022 - Firestone's Sustainable IndyCar Tire Debuts Today at the Indy 500 Pit Stop Challenge

5/27/2022 - Blog from the Future: It’s a Damn Shame They Cancelled the Kia Stinger

5/27/2022 - When Detroit Auto Workers Defended a Diego Rivera Mural Against Protests From the Rich

5/27/2022 - How to Watch IndyCar, Formula 1, NASCAR, and Everything Else in Racing This Weekend, May 27-29

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5/26/2022 - Manhattan Race: Part One

5/26/2022 - Manhattan Race: Part Two

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5/26/2022 - The Dodge Durango R/T Hemi Orange is Not Painted Hemi Orange

5/26/2022 - Washington, D.C. Wants to Charge Residents More to Register Heavy Trucks and SUVs

5/26/2022 - Racing a Ram TRX Against the NYC Subway: Part Two

5/26/2022 - Racing a Ram TRX Against the NYC Subway: Part One

5/26/2022 - Burning Carnival Cruise Ship Creates Authentic Vacation-From-Hell Vibe

5/26/2022 - BMW Teases Upcoming M2 With A Grainy Trailer That Barely Shows the Car

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5/26/2022 - British Leyland Mini Clubman, Mitsubishi Minica Toppo Town Bee, BMW R 90/6: The Dopest Cars for Sale Online This Week

5/26/2022 - Guy From Monaco Says F1 Without Monaco Is Not F1

5/26/2022 - Faraday Future Only Has 401 Preorders for its FF 91 Electric Car

5/26/2022 - How to Watch the 2022 Indianapolis 500

5/26/2022 - Why Canada's Freedom Convoy Succeeded Where the U.S. People's Convoy Failed

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5/26/2022 - Kimi Raikkonen Will Race a NASCAR Cup Series Car at Watkins Glen

5/26/2022 - Suzuki's Vision Gran Turismo Proves the Company Would Make an Absolute Banger of a Roadster

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5/26/2022 - Even Crazy Gas Prices Can't Convince Americans to Buy EVs, Says New Survey

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5/25/2022 - Ford's 2022 Expedition Is Ready To Take Your Full-Sized Family On Any Adventure

5/25/2022 - Apple Car Director Leaves the Company After Seven Months

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5/25/2022 - 2022 VW Arteon Gets the Golf R's 300-HP Engine

5/25/2022 - VW Pays $242 Million Settlement in England Over Diesel Cheating

5/25/2022 - Prodrive Is Resurrecting the Legendary Impreza 22B With 400 HP and Lots of Carbon Fiber

5/25/2022 - Did You Know the Indy 500 Borg-Warner Trophy Guy Is Fully Nude?

5/25/2022 - These Electric Trains Never Need Recharging Thanks to Regenerative Braking

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5/24/2022 - There's Not Enough Lithium for All These EVs

5/24/2022 - Plastic Suspension Springs Could Be Coming to the Car Industry

5/24/2022 - EPA Will Pay Schools to Ditch Diesel-Powered Buses

5/24/2022 - These Are the Worst Gas-Saving Tips You've Been Given

5/24/2022 - NASCAR Needs to Reconsider the All-Star Race

5/24/2022 - Ford's "Best in Class" Super Duty Payload Claim Was Based on a Bogus Truck

5/24/2022 - Hyundai Recalls Cars for Exploding Seat Belt Pretensioners

5/24/2022 - This Is a Harley Davidson

5/24/2022 - Bombardier's New Business Jet Is the Fastest Passenger Plane on Sale Today

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5/24/2022 - NASCAR's Trackhouse Racing Will Put Formula 1 and IndyCar Drivers in a Cup Series Stock Car

5/24/2022 - This Ordinary 1998 Civic Hatchback is the Optimal Bring a Trailer Listing

5/24/2022 - 2023 BMW M3 Gets Techno Violet and Four Other Amazing Paint Colors From M's Past

5/24/2022 - Just Look at Kia's Adorable Electric Van Concepts

5/24/2022 - Tesla Is Probably Hiring "Streetfighter" Lawyers to Fight NHTSA Over Autopilot Investigations

5/24/2022 - Every 2022 Indianapolis 500 Livery, Ranked

5/24/2022 - Ford F-150 Raptor R Gets the GT500's Supercharged V8, Says a Convincing Leak

5/24/2022 - Gas Prices Are Higher Than the Federal Minimum Wage in Some Parts of California

5/24/2022 - Ukraine Is Reviving the World's Largest Cargo Plane to Honor the Defenders of Mariupol

5/24/2022 - Rich People Are Paying too Much for Yachts

5/24/2022 - The Ferrari Daytona SP3 Works Shockingly Well in Lego Form

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5/23/2022 - 2023 Nissan Z First Drive

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5/23/2022 - GM EVs Could Get Dual Charging Ports to Recharge in Half the Time

5/23/2022 - These Are the Cities You Want to See Host a Monaco-Style Street Circuit

5/23/2022 - Mercedes-AMG Begins Killing Its Legendary V8 With the 2023 C 63

5/23/2022 - The Hyundai Sonata Could be Dead by 2025: Report

5/23/2022 - The Ford Bronco Raptor Is Going To Be Thirsty

5/23/2022 - Biden May Release Strategic Diesel Reserves to Curb Rising Prices

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5/23/2022 - The People's Convoy Is Over

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5/23/2022 - Toyota's 1997 Tribute to its First Car Is Now a Classic Itself

5/23/2022 - Audi Adds Apple Music Streaming for 2022, Snubs Spotify, Tidal

5/23/2022 - Indianapolis 500 vs. U.S. 500: The Year American Open-Wheel Racing Split in Two

5/23/2022 - Average U.S. Gas Price Is Now $4.60, With Many Regions Paying Way More

5/23/2022 - High New and Used Prices Continue to Push Average Vehicle Age Upward: Report

5/23/2022 - What's the Worst Gas-Saving Advice You've Ever Heard?

5/23/2022 - Lithium Shortage Expected to Spike EV Prices and Battery Costs

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5/23/2022 - At $4,200, Is This 1937 SS Jaguar 100 An Almost-There Kit Car That’s A Complete Steal?

5/22/2022 - Scott Dixon Breaks The Pole Speed Record For The Indianapolis 500

5/22/2022 - The New Land Yacht Aiming to Break a Land Speed Record

5/22/2022 - Max Verstappen Wins F1's Fault-Filled Spanish Grand Prix

5/22/2022 - Is Prodrive About to Restomod a Subaru Impreza WRC 97 Rally Car?

5/21/2022 - Formula 1: Colton Herta's Indy 500 Practice Delay Pastime

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5/21/2022 - Rural Highway Shut Down for Bear Crossing in Utah

5/21/2022 - Peugeot's Le Mans Hypercar is Actually Going to Race Without A Wing

5/20/2022 - How to Watch Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR, and Everything Else in Racing This Weekend, May 20-22

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5/20/2022 - Polestar Will Deliver 15,000 Fewer Cars in 2022 Due to China's Covid Lockdown

5/20/2022 - Tesla Driver on Trial for Autopilot Crash That Killed Two

5/20/2022 - Aston Martin F1 Once Again Copies a Faster Car

5/20/2022 - The Pilots in That Failed Red Bull Plane-Swap Stunt Just Had Their Licenses Revoked

5/20/2022 - The Mercedes Vision AMG Previews Affalterbach's Electric Future

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5/20/2022 - People's Convoy Too Busy Punching Each Other to Sneak Back Into Washington, D.C. [Update]

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5/20/2022 - Demand For New and Used Cars Is Still Ridiculous

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5/20/2022 - What City Could Host the Best Street Race?

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5/19/2022 - This Foundation Aims to Get More Girls Into Motorsport

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5/19/2022 - The Best Way to Absorb Oil Spills Just Might Be Human Hair

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5/19/2022 - The Modern VW Bus Will Cost Nearly $60,000 in Germany

5/19/2022 - 20 of the World's Best Racers Who Failed to Qualify for the Indianapolis 500

5/19/2022 - Canoo CEO: Reports of Our Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

5/19/2022 - Subprime Car Loan Defaults Hit an All-Time High in February

5/19/2022 - "It's Like Survivor." How Stefan Wilson Got a Last-Minute Seat at the 2022 Indianapolis 500

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5/18/2022 - New Jersey Cops Write So Many Plate-Frame Tickets, Lawmakers Are Changing the Law

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5/18/2022 - The 2023 Genesis GV60 Starts Under $60,000

5/18/2022 - Hyundai and Kia's Coolest EVs Recalled for Rolling When Parked

5/18/2022 - Formula 1 Won’t Replace the Russian Grand Prix, and That’s Good

5/18/2022 - 2022 NASCAR Cup Series All-Star Race: How it Works and Where to Watch

5/18/2022 - U.S. Traffic Fatalities Hit a 16-Year High in 2021

5/18/2022 - Fisker Promises the 2024 PEAR Will Be the Cheapest Electric SUV You Can Buy

5/18/2022 - Gas Is Over $4 a Gallon Everywhere in the U.S.

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5/17/2022 - 2023 Acura Integra: What Do You Want to Know?

5/17/2022 - A Detroit Bridge Collapsed Under a Man's Feet, Sending Him Falling 15 Feet and Nearly Landing on a Freeway Below

5/17/2022 - Biggest Automotive Flops

5/17/2022 - America's First Electric Fire Truck Joins the Los Angeles Fire Department

5/17/2022 - Audi Gives the RS 5 Coilovers With a New Competition Package

5/17/2022 - Researchers Break Into a Tesla and Drive Away Using Bluetooth Vulnerability

5/17/2022 - These Are the Cars You're Sick of Seeing

5/17/2022 - Chinese Boeing 737 Crash May Have Been Intentional: Report

5/17/2022 - A Drone Exploring Civil War Shipwrecks in the 'Graveyard of the Atlantic' Is Oddly Relaxing to Watch

5/17/2022 - Finally, A James Bond-Edition Car You Can Actually Afford

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5/17/2022 - Carvana Banned From Selling Cars in Illinois After Tons of Title Nonsense

5/17/2022 - At $7,500, Does This 1979 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce With Butterfly Doors Feel Pretty Fly?

5/16/2022 - GM Factory Workers in Mexico Get a 25-Cent Raise to $3.25 an Hour

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5/16/2022 - Chain Shops Are Steering Poor Customers into Predatory Loans for Car Repairs

5/16/2022 - McLaren and BMW Want to Reunite to Build Electric Supercars

5/16/2022 - JetBlue and Frontier Are Fighting Over Spirit Airlines

5/16/2022 - Leclerc's Crash in Lauda's Ferrari Was Due to Brake Failure

5/16/2022 - Hyundai Is Becoming Tesla's Biggest Threat

5/16/2022 - Jamie Chadwick Is Ready To Be the Face of Women in Motorsport

5/16/2022 - What Car Are You Sick of Seeing Everywhere?

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5/16/2022 - The 2023 Nissan Z Is More Fun Than the Toyota Supra at a Cheaper Price

5/15/2022 - Charles Leclerc Crashes Niki Lauda's 1974 Ferrari F1 Car at Monaco Historic Grand Prix

5/15/2022 - Ducati Chokes MotoGP Victory and Podium Lockout at Le Mans

5/15/2022 - 1 Dead, 5 Injured After Small Plane Crashes on a Miami Bridge, Hitting an SUV Head-On

5/14/2022 - Colton Herta Drifts to Win Rain-Soaked Grand Prix of Indianapolis

5/14/2022 - McLaren to Enter Formula E Next Season After Buying Mercedes' Team

5/14/2022 - Dump Truck Slams Into Stopped Ohio DOT Vehicle on Highway

5/13/2022 - The Mazda3's Infotainment Dial is Distracting, No Matter What Mazda Says

5/13/2022 - Nissan Turns a Profit

5/13/2022 - How to Watch NASCAR, IndyCar, Bathurst 12 Hour, and Everything Else in Racing This Weekend; May 13-15

5/13/2022 - Elon Musk Praises Chinese Tesla Factory Workers Forced to Work 12-Hour Shifts During Lockdown

5/13/2022 - These Were the Biggest Automotive Flops

5/13/2022 - I Might Be the Reason You Can no Longer Kiss the Bricks at the Indy 500 Last Row Party

5/13/2022 - The Maserati Levante GTS Invites You to Forget You’re Driving a Crossover

5/13/2022 - The New York Times Killed Its Wheels Blog. Long Live Wheels

5/13/2022 - Cummins Pivots From Diesel to a 15-Liter Hydrogen Engine of the Future

5/13/2022 - 'Self-Driving' Level 2 Autonomy Systems Still Pretty Crappy: AAA Study

5/13/2022 - Watch Several Drivers Hustle on Foot Through a Busy Intersection to Rescue an Unresponsive Driver

5/13/2022 - Hyper-Luxury and Supercar Makers are Having a Time and Raking it in

5/13/2022 - Luxury Private Submarine is the Best Place to Watch the Oceans Boil

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5/12/2022 - MotoGP Teams are Running Unsafe, Illegal Tire Pressures and Nobody Seems to Care: Report

5/12/2022 - Mercury Cougar Villager, Mazda 323 GTX, Mercedes-Benz Unimog: The Dopest Cars for Sale Online This Week

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5/12/2022 - These Cars Have the Worst Seats You’ve Ever Sat in

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5/12/2022 - At Least Sovereign Citizens' Pretend License Plates Look Cool Now

5/12/2022 - Mazda Fixed the Third Biggest Problem With the MX-30

5/12/2022 - Bentley's New Cars Are So Heavy, You Might Need a CDL to Drive Them in Europe

5/12/2022 - I Fear the Volkswagen Scout Will Be a Cowardly Joke

5/12/2022 - I Want a Cool Exotic That Doesn't Scream "Douche"! What Car Should I Buy?

5/12/2022 - Mercedes Says Stop Driving Your 2006-2012 SUV Because the Brakes Might Fail

5/12/2022 - Brabus's 900-HP Dune Buggy Can Be Yours for Roughly $1 Million

5/12/2022 - Rivian Recalls R1T Over Airbags That Can Injure Children

5/12/2022 - How Much Is the Timeless Style of a Fiat Coupe Worth?

5/12/2022 - Nissan is Profitable for the First Time in Years

5/12/2022 - What Was the Biggest Automotive Flop?

5/12/2022 - Gas Breaks All-Time Price Record For a Third Straight Day

5/12/2022 - A Tesla Crashed Into a Convention Center at High Speed and Somehow no one was Seriously Hurt

5/12/2022 - Traffic Jams: Laura Les - 'How To Dress As Human'

5/12/2022 - At $37,000, Will This 1973 Cadillac Eldorado Set The Pace?

5/11/2022 - From Road to Rally: How to Make Your Daily Driver a Rally Racer, Part 2

5/11/2022 - From Road to Rally: How to Make Your Daily Driver a Rally Racer, Part 1

5/11/2022 - It Is Now Legal in California to Wrap Your License Plate to Your Vehicle

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5/11/2022 - Hyundai Recalls 215,000 Sonatas with Leaky Fuel Hoses for a Second Time

5/11/2022 - The Indy 500 Qualifying Session Where Naked Fans Stormed the Track

5/11/2022 - Passenger Lands Plane After Pilot Becomes Unresponsive

5/11/2022 - San Francisco Police Are Using Driverless Cars for Surveillance

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