What’s the Worst Car to Own in a City?

It can be too big for the streets or too cramped for traffic, but what’s the worst car to own in a city?

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A photo of a silver Ram 1500 pickup truck driving through a city.
Is there anything less practical for a city than a Ram 1500 like this?
Photo: Stellantis

It’s estimated that around 83% of Americans live in urban areas like towns and cities, which is well above the global average of just over two thirds. And with so many of us stuck navigating city streets or sitting in traffic through town on the regular, we wondered what could possibly be the worst car to own in a city?

There are a lot of reasons that might make a great car bad for city-center living. Namely, the ground clearance might make multi-story parking garages a bit of a nightmare, or it could be so uncomfortable that you dread your hours sitting in traffic whenever you want to get anywhere.

Alternatively, it might be something so big that you stress out when navigating city streets, or you might struggle to find a parking space at the end of your journey. All things to be considered when picking the worst car to own in a city.


Our own Andy Kalmowitz recently found out the hard way that something enormous like a Ram 1500 might not be the ideal vehicle for traversing New York City. If you want to witness him getting more and more irate at the traffic around him, we made a video all about his race against the New York Subway System.

So something like the Ram 1500 might be an obvious suggestion for the worst car to own in a city. But that doesn’t mean a car like a 1969 Dodge Charger is much more practical for navigating city streets.


What else have you got? Take to the comments section below and let us know your suggestions for the worst cars to own in busy cities. We’ll round up some of the least practical contenders in a slideshow next week.