The Pagani Website Load Screen Is a Nod to the Signature Quad Exhaust

It's a piece of Pagani design that we can all experience.

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Gif: Pagani/Steve DaSilva

This weekend, Pagani is showing off some cars in Italy. One of them, the Huayra R, hasn’t been seen by the public before. It weighs pounds and makes horsepower and goes miles per hour and none of us will ever afford to touch one anyway, so let’s focus on something a little more realistic: Pagani’s website loading screen.

If you’ve been on the internet before, you’re probably familiar with the traditional hollow-circle-that-fills-up loading icon. If you haven’t been on the internet before, how did you get here? I could’ve sworn our RSS-to-fax-machine system melted.

This guy, you know him. A friend.
Gif: Pagani/Steve DaSilva

Anyway, most websites will show you they’re loading with just one circle. Pagani, however, wasn’t satisfied with that. It needed more, oh so much more. So, the company hit Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V a couple times, and put four loading circles together.

Sure, it’s more visually appealing than just one, but there’s more to it than that. When you think of Pagani, what visuals pop out? The weird, recessed-ish, bug-like headlights are one. Sure, the cars often have a pretty similar overall shape. But there’s something else, something us poors are likely to only ever see behind velvet ropes at ritzy car shows: The quad exhaust.

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Photo: Pagani

Paganis have a distinctive four-pipe stacked exhaust, and that’s clearly what inspired the Italian supercar company’s website loading screen. We absolutely love this kind of charming attention to detail. Is that high art? Probably not. Is it camp? I genuinely cannot answer that. But is it a nice, fun touch that probably required minimal effort from the brand? Absolutely.


Dear automakers: Add more fun, charming things to your websites. Give us little easter eggs to notice as we peruse the cars we’ll never afford. It lessens the sting of your prices.