What Car Is Just Too Damn Small?

Most cars are getting bigger and badder, but there are still some that could do with a bit more space.

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A photo of a red Vauxhall Adam small car parked in front of a brightly-colored wall.
I think this Vauxhall Adam might be a smidge too small.
Photo: Vauxhall

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer in the small car. If you ask me, most cars could have at least a foot chopped off and it would be a move that improves them massively. But recently, I drove and was driven in a Vauxhall Adam and found myself thinking, “this might be too small.”

It was fun and nimble to drive, but in the driver’s seat you felt very aware of the lack of space around you. And when all six foot nothing of me was squeezed into the back, it was far from a comfortable place to be.

So, what cars are out there on the roads today that you think could do with just a little more in the dimension department? Namely, what cars do you think are just too damn small?


It could be a car that is physically tiny, like an original Fiat 500. Meaning that whenever you drive it on a busy road you find yourself fearing for your life at every intersection. Or instead, you might like to elongate the tail on something like a Scion IQ to give it a bit more trunk space.

Or perhaps, you might just have had the misfortune of sitting in a car that looks normal from the outside, but feels tiny as soon as you clamber in. Sort of a reverse TARDIS affair where you think there should be infinitely more legroom than there actually is.


Whatever your pick for a car that is just a little too small, we want to hear about it. Head to the comments section below and let us know your suggestions for a car that is too damn small.

Also, anyone suggesting something ridiculous like a RAM 1500 TRX is going straight to the grays.