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What Do You Want to Know About the Ram 1500 TRX?

I'm road-tripping Ram's mad 702-hp pickup truck for the weekend.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Photo: Andy Kalmowitz

We may be in the midst of the worst gas price crunch in over a decade, but that didn’t stop me (a smart and rational person) from asking Stellantis for the keys to a 2022 Ram 1500 TRX to roadtrip for the weekend. Since they’re a bit kooky, like me, they obliged. Because of that, I’ll be taking the TRX down to Washington, D.C. for my little sister’s college graduation (congrats, Maddy).

Yes, you read that right. I’ll be piloting this 702 horsepower, 6,400 pound monstrosity to one of the busiest cities in the country just for fun. Automotive journalism is wild, folks. Let me tell ya.


Maybe I’ll even jump it over the U.S. Capitol. Whose to say?

We already know what the TRX is capable of, for almost every scenario except for actually living with it every day. How does this gas-guzzling behemoth handle and feel while cruising down the highway? Can it maneuver a tight parking lot? In my mind, these are the things most relevant to the TRX owner. The TRX owner is not off-roading this rig or getting it dirty in any way. They’re toddling around town eating miles (and gas) on the highway.


I’m going to be putting well over 500 miles on this beast, and before I write my review of it sometime next week, I wanna know what you maybe wanna know. Some things I can tell you from the get go: it’s fast, it’s loud, and it goes through gasoline like nothing I’ve ever seen before. (I hope there isn’t a leak?)

In my 45-ish mines of testing so far, I am averaging 8.6 miles per gallon.

The TRX is also incredibly comfortable, and you can look down upon other SUVs and pickups like the lesser beings they are. I’ve never felt anything like it. My “Flame Red” tester is pretty much loaded to the gills – with an MSRP of $91,725, including destination.

So, drop me a line in the comments. What do you want to know about the TRX?