Which State Has The Best Driving Roads?

Driving though a state should be more about the journey, and in near all cases, it comes down to the roads one travels.

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Photo: Andy Kalmowitz

Tribalism runs rampant throughout our automotive world. All of us have strong opinions on brands, body styles, engines, fuel and especially transmissions. However, there’s one thing about car culture that really just doesn’t get debated on as much: where the best driving roads are.

That is until today. We’re asking you what state has the greatest driving roads. That doesn’t necessarily mean the best singular road. We mean the best stretches of road you can get lost on for hours on a Sunday morning.

I’ve already weighed in on the greatest road in America, much to the chagrin of every single one of you. I still stand by it, though, because I’m a bit weird.


As for the question at hand, we aren’t technically talking about highways, though I suppose if you’re weird like me you can submit it. I’m not your mother, you can do whatever you want.

The obvious answer for best driving roads may seem like California with its nearly endless roads in the Angeles Forest, the Pacific Coast Highway and tons of roads upstate in the Redwood Forest. Not so fast! There are literally dozens of other states to consider – ones with far less traffic, too.


Other states like Virginia, North Carolina and (upstate) New York come to mind, as well. But, I’m sure the lot of you have hidden gems we’ve never even considered.

There is just one wrong answer: Maryland. There is no good driving to be had in Maryland unless you’re willing to be executed by firing squad for exceeding the speed limit. If anyone says Maryland, I’ll be mighty upset with you.


Keep in mind that the average car enthusiast probably hasn’t seen the exact road you’re talking about or live near. So, enlighten us. Show us your automotive driving truth. It’s a big world out there, let us know what ya got.