Toyan advertises a 12,500 rpm maximum speed for this engine, but the example in the Warped Perception video only managed 10,500, and got smoking hot in the process. At least from my point of view, it seemed the problem may have been related to the carb tuning. The cooling system also had a ton of air in it, which likely didn’t help.


Still, even if the setup wasn’t optimal, the engine ran like a beast. I don’t do anything with R/C vehicles nowadays, but I’m still tempted to buy one of these engines, just to have on my desk. Oh, I’m getting some bad ideas. If you’re getting some, too, you should know that this little guy is pretty pricey at $1,800. Sadly, that does make this model engine more expensive than most full-size junkyard engines. But you’d have a hard time putting one of those on your desk.