What City Could Host the Best Street Race?

Did we really peak with the Monaco Grand Prix? Surely somewhere could host a better race than that.

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A photo of the Los Angeles skyline with the caption "where should we race next?"
What city do you think could host a great street race?
Photo: Patrick T Fallon (Getty Images)

There’s nothing more exciting than watching the best drivers driving the best cars in the world on a cunningly crafted street circuit. Tight corners and even tighter margins for error make street races some of the most gripping events on the motorsport calendar. But what cities deserve a shot at hosting one?

With the news this week that Formula 1 has said “thanks, but no thanks” to New York City mayor Eric Adams’ offer to host a race in the Big Apple, this got us thinking. What other cities around the world do you think would be able to host a great street race?

Sure, we’ve got spicy events in places like Singapore and Azerbaijan in F1, and Detroit and Toronto are host to some great events for IndyCar. But where else would you like to see race drivers take on the city streets for a race weekend?


Maybe you’d like to see NASCAR take on a course covering the ring roads surrounding the city of Dallas, TX. That’s almost like an Oval, right? Or perhaps you’d like to see something a little more complex for Formula Drift drivers to charge around. In that case, a trip to the mountain roads on the outskirts of Denver, CO might be in order.

And there’s more to life beyond these United States. Have you ever considered how great a race on the streets of Dublin might be? Imagine Formula E racers blasting along the banks of the Royal Canal and into Croke Park — what a sight for sore eyes that would be.


So, where in the world would you like to see a street race take place? Head to the comments section below and let us know the locales you think deserve a street circuit.

Surely, wherever you pick can put on a more exciting race than the one Monaco does every year in Formula 1?