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This Keystone Light Pickup Truck Pool Is the Only Place I Want to Be This Summer

Upgrade your Redneck Jacuzzi with this reusable, inflatable pickup truck pool and live like a king this summer.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A photo of the Keystone Light pool truck with the caption "fire up the truck, we're going swimming."
Live this life of luxury.
Image: Keystone Light

Americans are nothing if not a resourceful sect of humankind. Where most see a pickup truck, you see a vehicle that can be used to carry stuff, convert into a mobile home and even transform into a roving jacuzzi. Traditionally, you’d turn your pickup into a pool by throwing a tarp in the bed and filling that sucker up. This, I’m informed, is what’s known as a “Redneck Jacuzzi.”

Well now, beer maker Keystone Light has answered your prayers and created a purpose-built truck bed pool in which you can spend your wet hot American summers.


In one of the most American sentences I’ve ever written, Keystone Light has partnered with camouflage clothing maker Realtree to make a blow up pool that fits in the back of your pickup truck. Quick, someone brew me a cup of tea before I start singing the “Star Spangled Banner.”

If all that has you chomping at the bit, you might want to find out a bit more about this summer’s must-have truck accessory.


If you’re interested, which I’m sure you are, the Keystone Light x Realtree truck bed pool is part of a collaboration between the two American stalwarts.

The $250 inflatable pool measures (in inches) 66x62x21, which our resident math expert Steve DaSilva says gives you plenty of space to fit five adults. As long as you all arrange yourselves in a neat little pattern.

As well as space for five, the pickup truck pool can hold up to 80,640 cubic inches of water, which would weigh as much as 2913.12 lbs. In the civilized world, that’s 1.32 cubic meters, which would weigh 1.32 metric tons.


Whatever unit of measure you prefer, that’s a lot of water and a lot of weight to add into the back of your truck. But, it does still fall within the payload limits for a 3.5 Ecoboost or 5.0 V8 Ford F-150 truck. So you don’t have to worry about causing any lasting damage to your truck when you turn it into a swimming pool.

Interestingly, though, adding people into the equation would actually reduce the strain on your truck’s suspension. That’s because people are less dense than water, so of course they would push some of that water out of the truck thanks to displacement, and replace it with something a little lighter, i.e. the average American.


So, if you want to turn your truck bed into a pool, but think you’re too good for a humble tarp, then Keystone has you covered.

A photo of the Keystone Light cooler, pool and hoodie
Which would you buy first?
Image: Keystone Light

Keystone also points out that if you don’t fancy bathing in your truck bed, the inflatable can also double as an enormous cooler.

If this whole vision of American luxury appeals to you, then I’ve got good news!


The Keystone Light x Realtree pool also comes with a matching cooler to store your beers in, a shirt to wear while you’re driving to the perfect jacuzzi spot and a pair of sunglasses to wear while you soak up the sun.

If that isn’t living the high life, then I don’t know what is.