All we see of the exterior are the car’s daytime running lights, the only points of illumination on an otherwise dark screen. Their shape eschews the traditional BMW double-element design for something more modern — and more generic. To me, they look straight off the C8 Corvette; our esteemed supreme overlord Bob Sorokanich felt they had more of a Tesla vibe. Vote in the comments on who’s right, or what car they bring to your mind.


The video seems to reference the outgoing M2's lightweight, flickable nature with the title “THE M2 is on its way. Get ready for playtime.” While the phrase may lack its traditional ending, “... kitten,” BMW knows its target market — M2 buyers would rather have fun than set a Nurburgring lap record.

BMW hasn’t set a reveal date for the upcoming M2, only promising that it’s “Coming Soon.” While it would make sense for that to mean a 2022 reveal, possibly ahead of a model-year 2023 vehicle arriving in dealers, all we can do for now is speculate — and rewatch the teaser for any glimpse of the new car.