12/30/2022 - Jalopinions: Outtakes Edition

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12/29/2022 - We Need to Talk About Misato Katsuragi's Renault Alpine A310

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12/29/2022 - The Movie ‘Moon’ Wrestled With the Ethical Implications of Mining Cheap Fuel For Fusion Energy

12/29/2022 - Buy This Porsche Cayman GT4 With a 4.5-Liter DeMan Engine and Embarrass Supercars at the Track

12/29/2022 - 2023 Dakar Rally Will Randomly Split Competitor Stages to Eliminate Copycats

12/29/2022 - The 2022 Porsche Panamera GTS is Like a V8-Powered, Four-Door 911

12/29/2022 - Wrapping Up Nice Price Or No Dice for 2022

12/29/2022 - Musk, Tesla and SpaceX Had a Hell of a Year

12/29/2022 - Show Us All the Cool Automotive Gear You Got for the Holidays

12/29/2022 - These Were the Most Recalled Automakers of 2022

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12/28/2022 - Even the Best Street-Legal Snow Tires Are No Match for Studded WRC Rally Tires

12/28/2022 - Europe Could Ban Filipino Crews From Cargo Ships, Rocking an Already Messed-Up Industry

12/28/2022 - New Private Car Club With 2.2-Mile Track to Break Ground in Michigan

12/28/2022 - A Volvo C60 Could Be in the Works

12/28/2022 - The TSA Found a Record-Breaking Number of Guns in Airports in 2022

12/28/2022 - A Shortage of Jet Airliners Means Air Travel Won't Improve Any Time Soon

12/28/2022 - EV Startup Canoo Accuses Former Execs of Stealing Technology to Start a Rival Company

12/28/2022 - This Four-Car Auction Is a Ready-Made RUF Collection

12/28/2022 - GM Begins Installation of 40,000 EV Charging Stations in North America

12/28/2022 - One Dead After More Than 200 Cars Crash on Bridge in China

12/28/2022 - Acura TLXs Recalled Due to Robot Potentially Slashing the Tires

12/28/2022 - A Porsche 911 Carrera Is a Perfect Winter Sports Car, Even in Detroit

12/28/2022 - Tiger Cub Found In Car Trunk During Traffic Stop in Mexico

12/28/2022 - Driver's Ride on Indianapolis Icy Downtown Canal Ends Pretty Much How You'd Expect

12/28/2022 - So Much for Brand Loyalty With EVs

12/28/2022 - The Best EVs We Drove in 2022

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12/28/2022 - Southwest Canceled Nearly 11,000 Flights Since Thursday

12/28/2022 - Toyota GR Corolla MORIZO Edition: Jalopnik’s 2022 Favorite Drives

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12/27/2022 - This Lifted Toyota Sienna Might Be the Perfect Adventure Van

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12/27/2022 - You Have to See the Inside of This '70s Tractor-Trailer Motorhome

12/27/2022 - The Cadillac Goddess Is Coming Back on the Celestiq

12/27/2022 - Enterprising California Teen Arrested for Making Fake Parking Tickets

12/27/2022 - A Nissan Leaf and Solar Panels Eliminated a Winery's Electric Bill

12/27/2022 - Porsche Panamera: Jalopnik’s 2022 Favorite Drives

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12/27/2022 - Southwest Airlines Cancels Thousands of Flights in Holiday Meltdown

12/27/2022 - New California Law Won't Allow Tesla to Advertise its Vehicles as Capable of 'Full Self-Driving'

12/27/2022 - McLaren Artura Recalled for Faulty Nuts That Could Cause a Fuel Leak Near the Engine

12/27/2022 - USPS Driver Survives Head-On Collision With Semi Truck

12/27/2022 - Used Tesla Prices Plummet, Ending The Days Of Sky-High Demand

12/27/2022 - Dozens Dead After Historic Winter Storm Elliott Traps Drivers in Cars

12/27/2022 - Jalopnik's Favorite Stories of 2022

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12/23/2022 - How a Cardboard Box Can Be a Quick and Easy Go-To for Clearing Snow Off Your Car

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12/22/2022 - Flight Cancellations Continue, Ruining Many People's Holiday Travel Plans

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12/22/2022 - These Are Your Worst Snow Travel Stories

12/22/2022 - Kia Dealers Dead Last in Customer Satisfaction Survey

12/22/2022 - Oregon Forgives More Than $1.8 Million in Unpaid Traffic Fees

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12/21/2022 - Millions of Fans Take Over Roads and Highways of Buenos Aires During World Cup Celebration

12/21/2022 - Canada to Propose Requiring EVs Be 20 Percent of New Car Sales by 2026

12/21/2022 - The Genesis Electrified G80 Passed Its Crash Tests

12/21/2022 - Auto Executives Are Losing Confidence in EV Adoption

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12/21/2022 - Space Hurricanes Over the Arctic Look Super Cool, But Could Cause Problems for Satellites

12/21/2022 - Porsche Filled a 911 With Gas Made from Water

12/21/2022 - A Bunch of Students in Japan Made a Nissan Z Crossover

12/21/2022 - The 2023 Ram TRX Havoc Edition Costs $106,445

12/21/2022 - This 1992 Mazda Efini RX-7 Type R on Bring a Trailer Is the Holy Grail of Rotary-Powered Mazdas

12/21/2022 - High Car Prices Mean Lower New Vehicle Sales for December

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12/20/2022 - Private Boeing 747 With Just Over 50 Flight Hours Scrapped

12/20/2022 - America’s Appetite For Large Trucks Is Hurting its Fuel Economy

12/20/2022 - DeLorean Wants to Cash in Those ‘Back to the Future’ Royalties

12/20/2022 - An Iowa Mechanic Has to Pay $7.2 Million After Allegedly Scamming Repairs on Classic Cars

12/20/2022 - My First Car: Jemele Hill and Her Heavily Ticketed Ford Taurus

12/20/2022 - Two Men Arrested for JFK Taxi Dispatch Hack, Conspiring With Russians

12/20/2022 - EPA to Toughen Heavy Truck Emissions Standards for First Time in Decades

12/20/2022 - New Hampshire Kia Dealer Settles $1.25 Million Suit for Deceptive Lending

12/20/2022 - The Petersen Museum’s CarStories Podcast and My Start in Auto Journalism Wasn’t Entirely Lost

12/20/2022 - Pittsburgh Bridge Set to Reopen 11 Months After Collapse

12/20/2022 - These Are Your 2022 Automotive Highlights

12/20/2022 - Massive Winter Storm Coming Just in Time to Make Christmas Travel Extra Painful

12/20/2022 - Customers Are Really Not Impressed With Kia Dealers

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12/20/2022 - 2024 Acura ZDX and ZDX Type S Are Playing it Too Safe With Styling

12/20/2022 - USPS to Add 45,000 EVs to its Fleet By 2028

12/20/2022 - National Gas Prices See Lowest Average Cost Per Gallon in 18 Months

12/20/2022 - Zagato Turned the Alfa Romeo Giulia Into a Glorious Two-Door Coupe

12/20/2022 - Giant Bow Market Is Slowing Down Right Along With New Car Sales

12/20/2022 - The Inflation Reduction Act's Most Stringent EV Credit Rules Have Been Delayed

12/20/2022 - The 2024 Hyundai Kona Gets Light Strips and Length

12/20/2022 - Congress to Let FAA Certify Boeing 737 MAX 7 and MAX 10 Without Major Changes

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12/19/2022 - Winter Storm Diaz Strands More Than 70 Big Rigs in South Dakota

12/19/2022 - Ford CEO Says Fixing Quality Issues Will "Take Several Years"

12/19/2022 - Please Do Not Launch Your Rivian R1T Backwards

12/19/2022 - Ford Increased F-150 Lightning Prices Again

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12/19/2022 - Toyota's CEO Still Not Sold on EVs

12/19/2022 - Severe Turbulence on Hawaiian Airlines Flight Sends 20 People to the Hospital

12/19/2022 - Tesla Gigafactory Supplier Hit With $298,000 in OSHA Fines

12/19/2022 - How New Jersey Will Spend $10.7 Billion to Make Traffic Worse

12/19/2022 - The 2023 Toyota Prius Can Be Ordered With a Catalytic Converter Shield

12/19/2022 - It's Probably Time for Jeremy Clarkson to Hang It Up

12/19/2022 - This $59 Million Miami Penthouse Comes with a Free Aston Martin Vulcan

12/19/2022 - Takata Air Bags Killed 5 Drivers So Far In 2022

12/19/2022 - Ford Seeks New Trial for $1.7 Billion Super Duty Roof Failure Lawsuit

12/19/2022 - Ford Teases its First Volkswagen-Based EV For Europe

12/19/2022 - Rising Rate of Car Repossessions Worrying Sign For Economy

12/19/2022 - Watch Tom Cruise Jump a Motorcycle Off a Cliff in the New Mission: Impossible

12/19/2022 - Pepsi’s Tesla Semis Will Hit The Road in 2023: Report

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12/19/2022 - The 2023 Kia EV6 GT Has a Ton of Power in a Compromised Package

12/16/2022 - Milwaukee's Highway Expansion Will Make a Food Desert Even Worse

12/16/2022 - MSC, a Balkan Gang and the Drug Bust That Changed an Industry

12/16/2022 - The 5 Greatest Japanese Racing Games of All Time (That Aren't Gran Turismo)

12/16/2022 - Mate Rimac Stopped Bugatti From Building an Electric Crossover

12/16/2022 - Two Florida Men Somehow Walked Away From This With Minor Injuries

12/16/2022 - These Are the Cars You’re Excited to See in 2023

12/16/2022 - Hyundai and Kia's Alabama Suppliers Really Love Child Labor

12/16/2022 - Louisiana State Police Officers Charged in 2019 Death Of Black Motorist

12/16/2022 - F1 Hopes Wet-Weather Wheel Arches Will Prevent Another Rain-Shortened Race

12/16/2022 - What Car Should You Buy: Father-and-Son Restoration Project

12/16/2022 - Hyundai Says it's Worried the Inflation Reduction Act Will Hurt its Growth

12/16/2022 - Electric Plane Adoption Faces an Uphill Battle Thanks to Physics

12/16/2022 - Watch a Lucid Air Sapphire Smoke a Tesla Model S Plaid and a Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport in a Drag Race

12/16/2022 - The Ford Fiesta Had to Die so More EVs Could Live

12/16/2022 - California DMV Eases Some Restrictions on GM's Cruise While NHTSA Says It Will Investigate

12/16/2022 - Tesla Is Still Trying to Scale Production

12/16/2022 - 2022 Was a Bad Year for Big Boats

12/16/2022 - The 2022 Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Is the Perfect Road Trip Vehicle

12/16/2022 - Watch Johnny Bohmer Hit 310 MPH In His Ford GT Before He Breaks That Record, Too

12/16/2022 - Surviving Suburbia in the 2022 Subaru BRZ

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12/15/2022 - The Local Motors Rally Fighter Had a Honda Door Key, A Ford Ignition Key, And a Corvette V8

12/15/2022 - The McMurtry Spéirling Electric Hypercar Just Ran a 7.97-Second Quarter-Mile

12/15/2022 - A Small Meteor May Be Responsible for the Coolant Leak from the Russian Soyuz MS-22

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12/15/2022 - Mick Schumacher Joins Mercedes as F1 Reserve Driver

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12/15/2022 - Jay Leno Shares Accident Details in First Interview Since His 'Face Caught Fire'

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12/15/2022 - Every Car, Truck, SUV and Crossover Jalopnik Reviewed in 2022, Part One

12/15/2022 - China Is Going Big on EV Exports

12/15/2022 - Elon Musk Sells Billions More in Tesla Stock, Continues to Break a Broken Promise

12/15/2022 - 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse Makes 500 HP, 418 Lb-Ft of Torque

12/15/2022 - 2024 Ford Mustang GT Makes 486 HP, EcoBoost Gets 315 HP

12/15/2022 - Honda Has Discovered the Massive Sales Potential of Over-the-Air Updates

12/15/2022 - What Cars Are You Excited to See in 2023?

12/15/2022 - At $20,000, Could This 1961 International Scout 80 Prove to Be a Simple Pleasure?

12/14/2022 - You Can Buy Carroll Shelby's 1968 Black Hornet Mustang

12/14/2022 - Mitchell Slaggert's Rainbow-Colored Jeep Wrangler

12/14/2022 - Winter Weather Can Zap Almost One Third of Your EV's Range

12/14/2022 - Ram Recalls 1.4 Million Pickup Trucks for Tailgates That Can Fly Open While Driving

12/14/2022 - These Were the Best Cars You Drove In 2022

12/14/2022 - New Study Links COVID-19 Vaccination Status to Increased Risk of Car Crashes

12/14/2022 - The 'White Lotus' Could Use a White Lotus

12/14/2022 - The Top 10 Steam Games to Play in Your Tesla

12/14/2022 - Hooters Road Trip Was the World's Worst Racing Game

12/14/2022 - Check Out the Adorable New Trucks Toyota Is Building for Thailand

12/14/2022 - A Farewell Drive in a Nissan 370Z Made Me Appreciate the Joy of Simplicity

12/14/2022 - Ford Allegedly Interested in Joining F1 With Red Bull

12/14/2022 - Mercedes-AMG Defends its Decision to Drop the C63's V8

12/14/2022 - America's Cup Team Sails Land Yacht to Break Wind-Powered Land Speed Record

12/14/2022 - The VinFast VF8 Is Simply Not Ready for America

12/14/2022 - You Can Finally Play Cyberpunk in Your Tesla, Two Years After it was Promised

12/14/2022 - Porsche Wants to Build a New Hypercar, But First it Has to Make Those EVs

12/14/2022 - Right-Hand-Drive Trucks From the UK Are Saving Ukrainian Soldiers' Lives

12/14/2022 - Tesla Investors Are Pissed at Musk for Focusing Solely on Twitter

12/14/2022 - GM Recalls 740,000 Vehicles for DRLs That Don't Turn Off

12/14/2022 - Need For Speed Unbound Is Killing Me, But I Can't Put it Down

12/14/2022 - What's Your Car Project for 2023?

12/14/2022 - How Large Trucks and SUVs Are Dragging Down America's Fuel Economy

12/14/2022 - Average New Car Prices Hit a Record High in November

12/14/2022 - At $15,000, Could You be Tempted by This 1978 Ford LTD II Time Capsule?

12/14/2022 - The 2023 Toyota Prius is a Hot Hybrid for a Changing World

12/13/2022 - The 2024 Mazda CX-90 Will Offer a Plug-In Hybrid

12/13/2022 - Scientists Have Created Energy Through Fusion for the Very First Time

12/13/2022 - United Just Placed the Biggest Order for Widebody Planes in U.S. History

12/13/2022 - NYT Report Confirms That Density Reduces Household Emissions

12/13/2022 - A Southern California Tow Company Is Accused Of Illegally Targeting Latino Drivers

12/13/2022 - The 2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 S E-Performance Is Enormously Fast and Heavy as Hell

12/13/2022 - Dead: Tollbooths in New York City

12/13/2022 - Washington, DC to Offer Fare-Free Buses in 2023

12/13/2022 - Rivian and Amazon’s Electric Delivery Van Is a Big Box With a Seriously Clever Design

12/13/2022 - Passengers Kicked Off Flight for Saying 'Penis' Think Penalty Too Stiff

12/13/2022 - These Are the Worst Cars You've Ever Driven

12/13/2022 - Shelby Won in Its Fight Over 'Eleanor' Trademark

12/13/2022 - Nikita Mazepin's Family Yacht Vanished After Being Seized in Italy

12/13/2022 - McLaren Team Principal Andreas Seidl Leaving For Sauber

12/13/2022 - The Toyota CH-R Is Dead in America

12/13/2022 - Electrification Won't Kill the Honda Civic Type R

12/13/2022 - The First Woman to Race in the All Japan Grand Touring Championship Drove a Toyota Cavalier

12/13/2022 - Crossovers Struggle to Protect Passengers in First U.S. Rear Seat Crash Test

12/13/2022 - Ferrari's New Team Principal for F1 is Fred Vasseur

12/13/2022 - Tesla's Promise of a Fully Self-Driving Car Merely an 'Aspirational Goal,' Lawyers Say

12/13/2022 - SUVs and Trucks Kept US Average Fuel Economy Down Last Year

12/13/2022 - Here's How Expensive and Complicated it Is to Drive in Japan

12/13/2022 - How a Porsche Racing Team Is Getting Women Behind the Wheel in the Carrera Cup

12/13/2022 - Ram Recalls 1.4 Million Pickup Trucks Because the Tailgate May Open While Driving

12/13/2022 - What Was the Best Car You Drove in 2022?

12/13/2022 - The 2023 McLaren Artura Proves a Hybrid Can Be a Phenomenal Supercar

12/13/2022 - At $13,995, Is This 2011 BMW 750i Sport a Deal You Could Appreciate?

12/12/2022 - Next-Gen Hyundai Elantra N Confirmed, But Probably Not For Europe

12/12/2022 - Ford Has Reportedly Given Up on the Fusion Active

12/12/2022 - Quick, Learn How Fusion Energy Works Ahead of Tuesday's Announcement

12/12/2022 - There Is a Shortage of Paper for Car Titles and It Seems Absurd and Frustrating

12/12/2022 - Flights Delayed and Canceled as Orlando Airport Runs Low on Jet Fuel

12/12/2022 - The Jalopnik Gift Guide for Road-Trippers and Folks Who Spend a Ton of Time in Their Cars

12/12/2022 - David Boreanaz's Yugo Was Often a No-Go

12/12/2022 - The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Haute Voiture Is Not Made for us Meager Car Buyers

12/12/2022 - These Are The Long-Dead Cars You’d Revive in 2023

12/12/2022 - Hyundai Is Working on a Fake Automatic For its EVs

12/12/2022 - According to Bob: Why SUVs All Sort of Look the Same

12/12/2022 - Passengers Flee Plane After Landing For Fake Emergency

12/12/2022 - Three Garbage Trucks Catch Fire in California After Crushing Dozens of Lithium-Ion Batteries

12/12/2022 - Fixing My Leaky Peugeot Drove Me to the Brink of Madness

12/12/2022 - Small Planes Responsible For 14,000 Times More Lead Pollution Than Reported by UK Agency: Study

12/12/2022 - The 2022 Lexus IS500 F Sport Performance Is Properly Old School

12/12/2022 - Colorado Cop Sued After Derailing Lives With Baseless DUI Arrests

12/12/2022 - New Donkervoort F22 Weighs Less Than 1,700 Lbs and Makes 500 HP

12/12/2022 - Audi's AI Wheel Designer Knocked Off a Bunch of Old Wheels

12/12/2022 - The US Is Loaning GM and LG $2.5 Billion For Three Battery Plants

12/12/2022 - The 2022 Mercedes-AMG 4x4 Squared Is Ridiculously Excessive, But Damn Do I Love It

12/12/2022 - Over 250,000 Subaru Ascents Recalled Because They Might Catch Fire

12/12/2022 - Rivian Backs Away From Van Partnership With Mercedes After Just 3 Months

12/12/2022 - What’s the Worst Car You’ve Ever Driven?

12/12/2022 - At $4,500, Could You Make This 2004 VW Golf TDI Your War Wagon?

12/9/2022 - Airlines, Always Happy to Raise Ticket Prices, Upset About Price Hikes on Leased Planes

12/9/2022 - Wholesale Used Car Prices Are 15.6 Percent Lower Than They Were In January

12/9/2022 - Another Death Has Been Linked to a Recalled Takata Airbag

12/9/2022 - The Jeep Cherokee's Future Doesn't Look All That Great

12/9/2022 - These Are Your Best Dealer Experience Stories

12/9/2022 - U.S. Sen. Ed Markey Really, Really Wants Automakers to Keep AM Radio in Their Electric Cars

12/9/2022 - Etihad Airways Is Bringing Back the Airbus A380 for 2023

12/9/2022 - Uber Not Interested In Helping Catch Criminals Who Attack Drivers: Report

12/9/2022 - What's Better Than an E-Bike? An E-Trike

12/9/2022 - The 2023 Subaru WRX Is $1,000 More Expensive But Still the Same Car

12/9/2022 - Mexico's Tourism Train Construction Is Revealing Amazing Mayan Artifacts Right Before Destroying Them

12/9/2022 - 2022 Suzuki GSX-S1000 First Ride: Not A Katana, But Still Cuts Like a Knife

12/9/2022 - Meet the First Civilian Crew of the SpaceX Mission to the Moon

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