What Was the Best Car You Drove in 2022?

From daily drivers to track experiences, what was the most interesting car you drove this year?

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An Acura NSX undergoing final checks at the factory
Photo: Steve DaSilva

Here at Jalopnik, we drive the cars. Fast cars, slow cars, big cars and small cars, and quite a number of them are very good cars. But at the end of the year, as the holidays inch ever closer, we start to wonder: What’s the best car the year has given us?

Today, we extend that question out to all of you. Over the past 11-and-a-half months, what’s the best car you’ve gotten to drive? It could be the most interesting, the fastest, or simply the one with the most character — the definition of “best” is up to you. What’s the best car you drove in 2022?

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Photo: Steve DaSilva

My answer is the Acura NSX Type S. That may surprise me more than it does all of you, given my usual review fare, but it surprises me for a couple of reasons. The first is simply logistical — I didn’t expect to be handed the keys to an NSX this year — but the second comes from the car itself.

When the second-generation NSX launched, it after years of re-targeting and scope creep, all very public. By the time of the car’s official launch, the public was already bored — and all too eager to turn its attention to the brand new Ford GT parked across the auto show floor. But, perhaps that tumultuous development left me with low expectations. Expectations the NSX quickly blew away.


The Type S has an incredible amount of character for a car with a hybrid V6 drivetrain, its sound and sensation of speed create an unforgettable experience for the driver. Even on banal Ohio highways, the NSX Type S manages to feel special — and feel like the best car I drove in 2022.

But what about you? What was the best car you drove this past year? Did your daily driver take the top spot, or did you shell out for one of those Hertz Corvette Z06es and gain a new appreciation for speed? Leave your answers down below, and we’ll collect our favorites tomorrow.