This Is What the $1 Million Ticket Package to the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix Will Get You

Wynn Las Vegas wants to take you and your five friends Grand Prix experience to an absurdly swanky level.

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Formula 1's Las Vegas Grand Prix has been pretty much guaranteed to be an ultra-affluent affair since it was first rumored, but there are still questions as to just what some of the absurd ticket prices actually get you; generally, you have to make a serious inquiry in order to actually learn more. Wynn Las Vegas, though, is pretty damn clear about just what its $1 million ticket package will get you.

Yes, friends and race fans. This ticket package costs a whopping one million dollars. That’s so expensive I want to vomit. But instead of hurling up the sleep I had for dinner, I’m going to run us through the pinkies-out experience you could have in Las Vegas.

First of all, this isn’t a ticket package for just one single person; Wynn has curated an experience for six. It comes out to about $166,666.67 per person for the three-day experience taking place between November 16 and 18, 2023. At that price, the hotel is practically giving this away.


The website claims that you’ll also get a “collection of official F1 activations not available anywhere else,” which includes access to Wynn VIP hospitality boxes and exclusive access to the red carpet ceremonies that will open the weekend — something otherwise available by invitation only.

You’re also going to be treated to a whole host of rich people food, including “a Jeroboam of Dom Perignon at arrival.” If you’re unfamiliar with this odd phrase, it’s probably because you’re poor. Essentially, a Jeroboam is also known as a “double magnum,” or three liters of wine — equivalent to four standard bottles of wine. According to Corks Out, a Jeroboam of Dom retails for £2,570.00, or about $3,117.60.


You and your crew will also have dinner at Delilah, a fine dining restaurant located in the Wynn. The cheapest things on the menu are worth $17 and include a vegan house salad and uni and black truffle shooter. I guess if you really go hog wild, you’ll eat your way into a sizable enough bill to justify spending a million.

Presumably not everyone in your party will be interested in Formula 1 — or, more aptly, you’ll all probably just pop over to the track for a hot second every so often throughout the weekend just to make an appearance — so the Wynn has set you up with plenty of other activities: a round of golf, swanky spa treatments, and reservations at the salon to get all glammed up for race day. You’ll also gain Elite tickets to “Awakening.”


Your personal transportation to and from the airport and track will bring you back to a three-bedroom Encore duplex suite at the Wynn. The 5,829-square-foot room — that’s more than double the size of my entire house, which in sum is worth about one-third of this ticket package price — features its own dining room, fitness center, and billiards table. Because there’s no way you can be expected to rub shoulders with the people who only spent a few thousand on their rooms.

If that still isn’t enough for you, the Wynn is ready to throw in one last little reward for dropping a fat seven-figure check: You’ll gain lifetime membership to Wynn’s Private Access program. That means that, for the rest of your days, you’ll have access to ultra-fancy entertainment, dining, and concierge options with the Wynn. Stunning.


I’d do a lot of things for a million dollars. I would, for example, disappear into the ether, never to be heard from again, for the meager price of one single, paltry million. Instead of blowing all that cash in the span of three days, you could in fact consider paying me to never post anything again. It’s a damn good deal.