What's Your Worst Snow Travel Story?

Snow makes for impassable roads, cancelled flights, or miles of traffic. What's the worst you've seen?

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Right now, millions of Americans are staring down the full force of winter. Snow is expected in much of the country, and every state will get sub-freezing temperatures for Christmas. With winter weather hitting hard just as people begin their holiday travel, it’s time to ask: What’s your worst snow travel story?

Plenty of drivers will see this storm as a challenge, making already arduous holiday travel into a true odyssey — or a simple impossibility. Those of you taking to the skies en route to grandmother’s house may not find even find respite there, as inclement weather cancels flight after flight. No matter how you’re traveling this holiday season, you’ll likely find yourself facing some difficulties, so let’s round up some worst-case scenarios for comparison.

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As a lifelong proponent of winter tires over AWD, I’ve never (knock on wood) run into any true winter-driving horror stories. Our lord and savior the Bridgestone Blizzak, has seen me through all manner of meteorological horrors involving snow, ice, and cold. But there’s one form of holiday travel that has left me high and dry: Planes.

I’ve spent hours sitting in the White Plains airport, anxious to get spring break in Florida started, only to be besieged by delay after delay. I think my personal record was around seven hours of delays alone — just sitting at the gate, waiting for the skies to clear long enough to send a plane through. If you were wondering, no, the chairs at HPN aren’t nearly comfortable enough for that length of time.

The hours spent I’ve waiting for snow-delayed flights are my worst snow-based travel story, but what’s yours? Leave your tales of woe in the comments, and we’ll collect our favorites tomorrow afternoon.