A Corvette Driver Crashed So Hard The Engine Fell Out

Thankfully, it doesn't appear that anyone was killed.

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Wrecked yellow C7 Corvette
Screenshot: ONSCENE TV

Some people are good drivers. A lot more are just OK at it. And others are pretty bad. But there’s a difference between simply being a bad driver and being a reckless asshole who is too selfish to even consider the lives they put at risk with their actions. The Corvette driver in question here appears to fit squarely in that last category.

Road & Track reports that according to ONSCENE TV, a driver in San Bernardino, California crashed their car so hard last Sunday, the engine fell out. As you can see in the video below, the Corvette also lost a lot more than its engine in the crash. Body panels. Wheels. You name it. All torn off. If someone had claimed this was a prop car from the upcoming movie Cocaine Bear, we’d probably have believed them.

It’s not clear how fast the driver was going at the time of the crash, but whatever “fast enough to shoot the engine out of the car” is, there’s a good chance it was pretty high. Incidentally, witnesses at the scene reportedly claim the driver might have been racing someone else, which definitely tracks.


Oh, and San Bernadino police told R&T that they arrested the driver for driving under the influence. Street racing is dangerous enough, but drunk street racing? That’s the kind of reckless indifference to other people’s lives that judges should 100 percent throw the book at.

After all, this driver didn’t just crash while drunkenly driving fast enough to lose the entire front end of their car in the wreck. They also hit two other cars. Amazingly, police told R&T that no one other than the driver was injured, and they were still able to walk away after the crash. So at least there’s a little bit of good news.

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