What the Hell Is This Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato Commercial?

Whatever drug the creative team was on when they made this, we'll take two.

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2024 Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato
Photo: Lamborghini

Lamborghini officially revealed the slightly lifted, rally-inspired Huracán Sterrato this week. We’re not convinced anyone’s ever actually going to off road one, but it’s still kind of cool. After all, it still has a 610-hp V10 and can hit 60 mph in the low-three-second range. But then Lamborghini released a promotional video for it and completely took all focus off the car.

It’s hard to pick just one word to describe this video. Insane? Unhinged? Hilarious? Bizarre? Someone at Lamborghini seriously looked at the final version and actually said, “This is great! Put this on the internet immediately!” Someone who may not have a job going forward.

Huracán Sterrato: beyond the concrete

The voiceover is immediately jarring. It sounds like a wannabe tough guy doing their impression of spoken word poetry. And then there are the words he actually says. Words someone wrote down and believed would help sell the Huracán Sterrato. Is there a translation issue here? Maybe. Probably. But Lamborghini has enough money to hire a fluent English speaker to write its ad copy. And enough money to hire someone with enough sense to realize just how bad this is:

This one’s for you
Concrete yearner
Tamer of curves
Master of speed
Wear your finest suit
Dirt is made for it
Let the showoff begin
On this new concrete
Spray paint powder on tires
That thrive on the rim
Dust is gold
Dirt’s for the bold
Block out the sun
Raising red clouds
On that dry ground
Make gravel rain down
Let adrenaline and fun collide
Spraying grains of dust aside
It’s no filth
This is design
Any amount of grime is fine
The more you get dirty
The more you’ll shine
Dust is gold
Dirt’s for the bold
Dust is gold
Dirt’s for the bold


Just...what? What is going on here? Is this what Italians think rap is? Who signed off on this? I understand the phrase, “All press is good press,” but still. It seems like a bad strategy to release an ad that immediately causes the entire internet to make fun of you.

Imagine being so excited to take delivery of your rare and special new Huracán Sterrato and then realizing everyone who sees it is going to associate you with this ad. Instead of being the cool guy at Cars and Coffee, you’ll hear, “SPRAY PAINT POWDER ON TIRES THAT THRIVE ON THE RIM!” from everyone who sees you. You’ll have to drive any of your dozen other supercars that you keep at your mansion if you ever want to show your face in public again.


But I guess the upside here is that getting a job making ads for Lamborghini is easier than I thought. If I suddenly stop blogging here, know that it’s because I’m now making way more money writing copy that can’t possibly be as bad as this.