What’s the Worst Car Your Parents Drove?

Your first time riding in a car was probably one of your parent's, but was it something awful?

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A photo of a silver Honda Stream minivan.
It’s me, hi, I’m the problem.
Photo: Honda

I’m sure that the first car most of us remember riding in was probably owned by our parents. In fact, the first car most of us sat behind the wheel of to get our first taste of driving was also, probably, owned by mom or dad. So the choice of car for your parents was a pretty important one. But did yours ever own a stinker?

That’s what we’re interested in uncovering today, we want to know all about the worst cars that your parents drove.

Maybe they opted for something safe and practical, which meant you were stuck cruising to school in an uninspiring minivan. Or perhaps they were clutching to their own youth with the loud, obnoxious sports car of their dreams that you were embarrassed to be seen in.


For me, there were two pretty bad examples from my childhood. First, there was the Subaru Justy my mom bought to replace her brilliant, but sadly stolen, fifth-gen Honda Civic. Or, there was the true abomination that was the Honda Stream my dad replaced his excellent Volvo V40 with. (Editor’s Note: Owen is British.)

He went from a sleek, peacock blue Volvo to a bulky, boxy, and boring Honda minivan. At first, the novelty of the third row in the Stream was pretty fun as a kid, but that soon wore off. Then, we were left with an oversized, uninspiring and uncomfortable ride whenever we left the house. Thankfully, he soon saw sense and sold the awful Honda Stream for another Volvo. Good choice.


But that’s just my story, what have you got? Head to the comments section below and let us know your picks for the worst cars your parents drove. We’ll round up some of the top offenders in a slideshow tomorrow.