The 2023 Toyota Prius Can Be Ordered With a Catalytic Converter Shield

The MillerCAT shield costs $140, and you'll have to pay extra for installation. However, you may not ever have to pay for another catalytic converter.

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MillerCAT Cat Shield
Photo: MillerCAT

Catalytic converter thefts have been a problem for years. In fact, our own Erik Shilling recently had his catalytic converter stolen. But at least in the western part of the country, the Toyota Prius has been specifically targeted by thieves. A Prius’s catalytic converter can reportedly go for as much as $1,000, making them especially valuable compared to the $150 or so thieves might get for a lesser cat. For the 2023 Prius, though, Toyota has a solution.

Carscoops found that you can now order the 2023 Toyota Prius with a catalytic converter shield. It’s a $140 accessory, and you’ll have to pay extra to have it installed, but at least it’s an option. And if you’re worried about your catalytic converter being stolen, it’s probably worth the cost just to increase peace of mind alone.

Even with the shield in place, there’s still no guarantee your catalytic converter will be safe. Determined thieves can get their hands on anything they set their minds to, but it should make your car a less desirable target. After all, why spend time hacking through a metal shield when you could move onto the next car, which probably has an unshielded catalytic converter?

The Toyota Prius's Cat Shield
Screenshot: Toyota

Made by MillerCAT and sold as an associated accessory product, the Cat Shield is made from 5052-grade aluminum and promises “excellent strength and corrosion resistance.” Considering 5052 aluminum is used on boats, you shouldn’t have to worry about salt from the road eating through and exposing your cat to would-be thieves.


And if you’re looking to save a few bucks after just dropping $30k or so (depending largely on dealer markup) on your new Prius, you should be able to install the Cat Shield yourself. It comes with all the installation hardware and “detailed” instructions, so you don’t have to pay the dealer to put it on for you.

That is, unless you live in Hawaii. For some reason, the Cat Shield isn’t available in Hawaii, so if you live there, you’re out of luck.