Ram Recalls 1.4 Million Pickup Trucks Because the Tailgate May Open While Driving

Stellantis and the NHTSA say the loose tailgates could lead to serious injury to other drivers.

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An orange Ram 2500 Power Wagon on a mound of dirt.
Photo: Stellantis

Stellantis is recalling just about 1.4 million Ram pickups around the world because the truck’s tailgates may not properly latch and could open while driving. It could lead to whatever you have in your bed falling out onto the road and possibly becoming a hazard to other drivers. That’s less than ideal for most people.

According to an acknowledgment letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Ram will be recalling over a million 2019-2022 Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500 pickup trucks. Automotive News reports that 1.23 million vehicles will be impacted in the U.S. alone, but a further 120,000 in Canada, 26,000 in Mexico and 27,000 others outside of North America bring that total north of 1.4 million affected vehicles. That may sound like a lot – and it is – but it also only equals about 1 percent of all Rams that have this issue.

The automaker says it has no reports of crashes or injuries related to the unlatching tailgates, but the company has received over 800 warranty claims and other reports due to a loose tailgate. The reason for the faulty tailgate comes down to the trucks being built with one or both of their tailgate strikers misaligned. Because of that, the remedy to the issue will simply be dealers inspecting the alignment and adjusting if they are a bit out of whack.


Stellantis says it opened an internal investigation into the issue back in July of 2021 and since then the automaker has “continuously monitored field data for potentially related incidents.”

Automotive News reports that Stellantis is coming in at number four in the total number of recalls issued, with 38 incidents covering over 3 million vehicles. Coming in at number one is Ford with over 8.6 million vehicles recalled.