What Long-Dead Car Should Be Revived in 2023?

People love reminiscing about when they were younger, so what car from your past would you bring back for the kids to enjoy?

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A photo of a white Ford Capri sports car in a studio.
Imagine this but with 2023 tech and design flourishes.
Photo: Ford

Fashion, trends, and styles are all cyclical. What’s cool now was uncool 10 years ago and was probably on-trend 10 years before that. And if that’s true for musical styles and fashion choices, surely it’s the case for cars as well? So does that mean some long-dead models from 10, 20, or even 30 years ago could be ripe for reprisal?

We think it does, and as we gaze misty-eyed at the opportunities that might come with the new year in just three weeks’ time, we wanted to know what cars you’d like to see make a comeback in 2023? So, if you were in charge of any automaker around the world, what long-dead car would you look at reviving in the new year?

Maybe you’d like to see Smart take another crack at making a roadster? Or perhaps you like the idea of Mazda reviving the RX-7 with today’s tech? Or, you could be eying up something even older, what about a revived Renault R4 from the 1960s, or even some classic Americana with a recreation of the Cadillac Eldorado?


Personally, I’d like to see what Ford could do with a revived Capri. Nobody would buy it, because apparently people only want SUVs these days, but imagine how cool a modern interpretation of the retro classic would be! Turn it into the flagship EV for Ford of Europe and I’m sure it’d turn out great.

But that’s just my dream scenario, what would you go for? Head to the comments section below and let us know what long-dead car you think should be revived in 2023. We’ll round up some of the top responses in a slideshow next week.