This Safari Smart Roadster Is a Rally Fighter on a Budget

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Here in America, we’re not allowed to have nice cars from overseas until they pass their 25th birthday, supposedly all in the name of safety. But we do have Local Motors, who built the awesome Rally Fighter. The problem is that it was almost six figures, but now there’s a budget version.

The Smart Roadster is under-appreciated, save for its role as the bad-guy cars in the 2010 Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz action comedy Knight And Day.

Since most of us can’t afford a Local Motors Rally Fighter, the alternative, strangely, could be this Safari styled Smart Roadster for sale on AutoTrader UK, which looks surprisingly natural.


Think about all of the capability this minor four-inch lift could afford you.

And look at what you’ll get. A rear-wheel drive convertible, with the glass hatch that affords slightly better cargo space over its trunked sibling, an automatic transmission so you can wave at all of the losers driving their boring cars on the roads, 80 horsepower instead of the Rally Fighter’s 430 hp 6.2-liter V8 (who needs power, anyway?), and an average fuel economy of around 40 mpg. All this for just £1,690, or around $2,161 at current exchange rates. What a deal.


H/t to @Speedy_Matt_ on Twitter!