USPS Driver Survives Head-On Collision With Semi Truck

Those Grumman Long Life Vehicles (LLV) are even tougher than we thought.

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Image: Michigan State Police

A USPS delivery driver survived a horrific head-on collision with a semi truck in Michigan Friday after Winter Storm Elliot created blizzard conditions across the west side of the state.

This crash occurred just two days before Christmas, when the brunt of the winter storm was bearing down on Cedar Springs in Kent County, Michigan. Dora Schweiger was driving her route when she collided with a semi truck during intense winter conditions. Though severely injured, Schweiger is still alive despite the near-obliteration of her Grumman Long Life Vehicle. Schweiger’s two children spoke to Fox 17 about the crash:

“It’s hard to see someone so full of life and happy and telling jokes bruised and bleeding and covered in glass,” said Kendra Jones.

Just two days before Christmas, her mother, Dora Schweiger, was driving her postal truck along M-57 near Shaner Avenue when she was involved in a head-on crash with a semitruck.


“Her spine’s intact; she’s not paralyzed; she can wiggle her toes and fingers,” added Kendra Jones.


Police identified the challenging road conditions as the cause of the crash, according to MidMichiganNews Now. While Schweiger survived the showdown with a semi-truck, her future is still unknown. Doctors are unsure is Schweiger will ever walk again and she’ll be welcoming the New Year in a hospital bed. Her daughters told Fox they’re just grateful to still have her around for the holidays.

While Buffalo, New York, was one of the worst hit places in the country, west Michigan suffered from very similar weather patterns. Lake-effect snow turned storms into monster systems capable of dumping multiple feet of snow on any city east of one of the Great Lakes. Roads were closed due to impassible conditions and crashes across the northern and western portions of the state and in the Upper Peninsula last weekend.