What’s the Worst Car You’ve Ever Driven?

We've all drive some terrible cars in our pasts. Share your worst with the rest of us!

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Photo: Chevrolet

As automotive enthusiasts, we dream about driving some of the best cars in the world, but the reality is not always that kind. We have all probably driven our fair share of terrible vehicles in our time as gearheads, and that’s what leads us to today’s question.

We want to know what is the worst car you have ever driven. Sure, we all want to get behind the wheel of the latest and greatest vehicles that auto manufacturers have to offer. However, more often than not, that really doesn’t happen. We get stuck driving hateful little shitpiles, as unreliable and uninspiring as the day is long.

For me, the worst car I’ve ever driven is a front-wheel drive, first-generation Chevy Trax. It was only a brief drive – I had to borrow it from a guy I knew in college to cover a story for the newspaper (I’m that sort of journalism nerd) – but I quickly learned how fucking awful it was. A rattly engine, cheap interior, and feels-like-you’re-gonna-tip-over handling led to less than enjoyable driving experience. From top to bottom, just a bad little vehicle I wouldn’t wish the misfortune of driving on anyone. However, it did have Apple CarPlay, so it had that going for it, which is nice. The one I drove looked just like the picture above, except it was blue. Terrible.


Enough about me and my automotive misadventures, though. Drop down to the comments and let everyone know the worst car you’ve ever driven. I’m sure you’ve got some real shitboxes up your sleeves. If you’ve got a story to go along with it, or at least a reason why you feel it was the worst car you’ve ever driven, you’ll get bonus points from me. Otherwise, much like the cars themselves, your answer is going to be a bit boring.