5/31/2021 - At $14,900, Would Buying This 1946 Willys-Overland CJ2A Be A Memorable Experience?

5/30/2021 - Jean-Eric Vergne And His Veloce Racing Team Are Taking Extreme E By Storm

5/30/2021 - Helio Castroneves Takes A Record-Matching Fourth Indy 500 Win With Meyer Shank Racing

5/30/2021 - This Collection Of Rare Automotive Books Just Sold For The Price Of A New Car

5/30/2021 - I Hope NASCAR Comes Back To COTA—With Fewer Draconian Gate Rules

5/30/2021 - Electric Cars Need To Be Driven Further, Owned Longer To Offset Embedded Carbon: Report

5/30/2021 - Let's Debate: Flashers On Or Off In A Rain Storm?

5/30/2021 - The 2021 Chevrolet Silverado Duramax Isn't Short-People Friendly, But It's Still One Hell Of A Great Pickup Truck

5/30/2021 - This IndyCar Driver's Extended Family Was Featured In An Episode Of Forensic Files

5/30/2021 - Who's Your Pick For The Indy 500?

5/30/2021 - Moto3 Rider Jason Dupasquier Dies At 19 Years Old After On-Track Crash

5/29/2021 - This Day In History: Danica Patrick Becomes The First Woman To Lead The Indy 500

5/29/2021 - NASCAR Spotter Suspended After Assault Arrest

5/29/2021 - West Virginia Might Give You A Ford F-150 If You Get The COVID-19 Vaccine

5/29/2021 - Remembering Max Mosley, One Of Formula One's Wildest Characters

5/29/2021 - Indy Split Is The Most Comprehensive History Of Racing's Most Disastrous Implosion We've Had Yet

5/29/2021 - The Porsche-Designed Mercedes-Benz 500 E On Its 30th Birthday

5/29/2021 - Meet The Full Female-Forward Paretta Autosport Team Taking On The Indy 500

5/29/2021 - Another Ship Got Stuck (And Refloated) In The Suez Canal

5/29/2021 - What's One Thing You Wish You Knew Before You Traveled?

5/28/2021 - Flight Attendant Loses Two Teeth After Passenger Delivers Right Hook To Her Face

5/28/2021 - New Images Show Us The Cancelled Road Version Of Mitsubishi's Group B Starion

5/28/2021 - Watch A Drunk Old Golf Dude Slowly Rampage A Golf Cart And End Up On His Face

5/28/2021 - Lando Norris Says The Idea He Was Taunting Daniel Ricciardo With Wave At Monaco Is 'Absolute Crap'

5/28/2021 - Electric Road Tripping, Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The EV

5/28/2021 - Here Are Your Favorite Indy 500 Moments

5/28/2021 - Audi S4 Quattro, Pontiac Tempest Wagon, Honda VFR800 Interceptor: The Dopest Vehicles I Found For Sale Online

5/28/2021 - Consumer Reports Renews Its Low-Key Battle With Tesla

5/28/2021 - CDC Relaxes Rules For Fully Vaccinated Cruise Passengers, But Florida Law Is Complicating Things

5/28/2021 - You Now Have To Be Awake And In The Drivers Seat To Operate A Tesla

5/28/2021 - Watch An O'Reilly Auto Parts Clerk Freak Out When He Sees My 1958 Jeep FC-170

5/28/2021 - A Brief History Of Gasoline: How Gas Got Into Our Lives

5/28/2021 - The Tesla Tunnel Driver Course Includes Advanced Reverse Driving For The Event Of A Failure

5/28/2021 - One Of The Greatest Touring Cars Ever Is Hitting The Auction Block

5/28/2021 - Toyota's Latest Weird Appearance Package Is A Fully Blacked-Out Prius

5/28/2021 - The Shortages Are Coming For The Japanese Carmakers

5/28/2021 - Scammers Are Building Replica Rental Car Websites To Steal From Desperate Travelers

5/28/2021 - Used Car Pricing Study Shows The Cars That Have Gained Value This Year

5/28/2021 - Cars In Virginia Are All Gooped Up

5/28/2021 - Blip: The Hatch Act

5/28/2021 - What Is Your Favorite Moment At Indy?

5/28/2021 - At $11,900, Could This 1983 Porsche 928 S Get You Out On A Grand Tour?

5/27/2021 - Morgan Updates The Plus Four And Plus Six, Invent New Kind Of Glove Box

5/27/2021 - It's Time For Stellantis To Revive Its Greatest Model, The Talbot Sunbeam Lotus

5/27/2021 - Remember When Pimp My Ride Put a CT Scanner In An '84 Crown Vic?

5/27/2021 - A TikToker Spreading Some Unfounded Car Decal Theories Is Going Viral

5/27/2021 - McLaren Put A Windshield On The Car Known For Not Having A Windshield

5/27/2021 - Rolls-Royce Made The Most Expensive New Car In The World For The Most Predictable Rich People

5/27/2021 - A Fluid Transfer Pump Makes Fluid Changes Quicker And Smoother

5/27/2021 - The Car Loan Market Is Still Bananas And It Doesn't Feel Right

5/27/2021 - 34 States Are Ignoring A Law That Would Make It Easier To Go On Road Trips

5/27/2021 - The 2021 Jaguar XF Is The Last Of Its Kind

5/27/2021 - Here's How Much You Care About Fuel Economy

5/27/2021 - Woman Speeds Through Vaccination Site In Show Of Support For Ongoing Pandemic

5/27/2021 - I'm Finally Getting My License At 26 And I Need A Manual Car! What Should I Buy?

5/27/2021 - Here's What Some Of Jalopnik's Cars Are Worth, According To Carvana

5/27/2021 - Senators Want NASA To Give Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Space Company A $10 Billion Consolation Prize

5/27/2021 - The 2022 Civic Has A Pretty Fun Easter Egg That I Think You Could Make Into A Model

5/27/2021 - The Aston Martin Victor Is The Most Incredible Car Ever Made From Spare Parts

5/27/2021 - The Best Formula One Team On The Planet Still Can't Figure Out How To Remove A Stuck Wheel Nut [Update: It's Off!]

5/27/2021 - This Old Honda Beat Is The Best Car I've Ever Owned

5/27/2021 - Hyundai Will Cut Half Of Its Internal Combustion Engine Models: Report

5/27/2021 - Do You Care About Fuel Economy?

5/27/2021 - Italdesign Wants To Increase Motorcycle Safety By Using Smart Seatbelts

5/27/2021 - Blip: Like A Lutheran Church Rec Room

5/27/2021 - These Have To Be The Most Ridiculous Headlights Ever On An American Car

5/27/2021 - At $13,500, Could This 1986 Chrysler Town & Country Turbo Wagon Be A K-Car That’s A-Ok?

5/26/2021 - This Slammed Mercedes Is Scraping Its Floor Pan On The Speed Bumps In My Daydreams

5/26/2021 - There's No Better Wagon Than A Throwback Race Wagon

5/26/2021 - GM And Lockheed Martin Are Developing A Lunar Rover

5/26/2021 - Lamborghini Just Made Its Lamborghini-Only Racing Series Faster

5/26/2021 - The Highlander Hybrid Bronze Is The Most Fun Version Of A Boring Car

5/26/2021 - Here's What You Think Are The Most Overpriced Cars

5/26/2021 - Left-Wing Activists Are Taking Credit For A Fire At Tesla's Factory In Germany

5/26/2021 - Tesla's Removing Radar For Semi-Automated Driving On Models 3 And Y And I Don't Understand Why

5/26/2021 - Lucid Air's User Interface Has Four Screens, Some Buttons And A Bit Of Common Sense

5/26/2021 - There's Something About The Bugatti Veyron

5/26/2021 - 99-Cent Nissan Leaf Lease With Titan Purchase Reminds Us Of The Pitfalls Of Weird Dealer Stunts

5/26/2021 - This Is What Dodge Vipers Are For

5/26/2021 - Pistons Rain From The Sky After Cummins Dodge Ram Explodes On Dyno

5/26/2021 - Ford Is Doubling Down On Electric

5/26/2021 - The 2022 Volkswagen Taos Is Coming To A Driveway Near You

5/26/2021 - The Acura Advanced Sports Car Concept Was The NSX Successor Nobody Remembers

5/26/2021 - Tesla Is Making A Big Change To Its Driver-Assistance Tech

5/26/2021 - Here's How This Car Salesman Became The Only Fan Inducted Into The NBA Hall Of Fame

5/26/2021 - Blip: The Hell Are They Looking At In There

5/26/2021 - What's The Most Overpriced Car?

5/26/2021 - At $25,900, Would You Run To Buy This 2006 Toyota Tacoma X-Runner?

5/25/2021 - The Cupra Born Is A Cooler, Sportier Electric Car From The Volkswagen Group

5/25/2021 - Explain To Me Why I Shouldn't Buy This MGA Like I'm A Toddler

5/25/2021 - Ford Is Making Its Own Dedicated EV Platforms: Report

5/25/2021 - Graphic Artist Felipe Pantone Makes The Coolest French Car Even Cooler

5/25/2021 - Has There Ever Been A Car/Wheel Combo That Fits Better Than This Twingo And These Weird Wheels?

5/25/2021 - Wow There's A 10,000 RPM Gyroscopic Stabilizer For 'Your' Boat Now

5/25/2021 - The 2021 Pickman EV Trucks Show Tiny Can Be Tough

5/25/2021 - Here Are The Things You Think Are Worth Traveling For

5/25/2021 - There Is An Offer For Lamborghini Worth Billions: Report

5/25/2021 - If You Hoarded Gasoline, We Won't Tell As Long As You Observe These Gasoline Guidelines

5/25/2021 - Formula 1 Shouldn't Delete A Pole Sitter's Lap For Crashing But It's Considering It Anyway

5/25/2021 - The 2022 Jeep Wagoneer Starts At $68,590; Grand Wagoneer At $87,590

5/25/2021 - The Alfa GTV/Spider Has Been Keeping A Headlight Secret

5/25/2021 - Why Would A Dealer Insist On A Credit Application If I Am Paying Cash?

5/25/2021 - I Went For A Ride In A Lucid Air And I'm Still Thinking About It

5/25/2021 - People In Bed Wake Up To Car Crashing Through Their Roof

5/25/2021 - What's Worth Traveling For To You?

5/25/2021 - Lordstown Motors Seems Like It's Starting Its Crumble

5/25/2021 - Blip: Taunus Tuesday!

5/25/2021 - At $15,000, Would You Set Your Designs On This 2010 Volvo S40 T5 R-Design?

5/24/2021 - This Brand-New Driving Game For A Very Obsolete British 8-Bit Computer Has Some Amazing Old Cars

5/24/2021 - A Water Crossing In The UK Keeps Breaking BMWs...And Other Arrogant Cars

5/24/2021 - Scott Dixon Deserves More Credit

5/24/2021 - The Hyundai Ioniq 5 Is An All-Electric Car That Might Also Be Good For America

5/24/2021 - Lawmaker Wants Trucks And SUVs Rated For Killing Pedestrians

5/24/2021 - Cruise Ship Crew Gets COVID Without Any Passengers At All, Vaccinated Or Not

5/24/2021 - Ford Bronco Warthog Probably Won't Be Called Bronco Warthog: Report

5/24/2021 - Tesla Found Guilty Of Throttling Charging And Battery Capacity In Norway

5/24/2021 - Mustang Enthusiast Buys Mint-Condition 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra 'Terminator' With Only 534 Miles

5/24/2021 - The Most Affordable Ford F-150 Lightning Is Officially Here

5/24/2021 - Here's Why A Modern Truck Like the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Still Has Such An Old-School Antenna

5/24/2021 - Here’s How My High-Mile, Ridiculously Cheap Volkswagen Touareg Is Handling A 4,200-Mile Road Trip

5/24/2021 - Toyota Engineers Built A Prius Rally Car And They Let Me Drive It

5/24/2021 - Some Folks Forgot How To Drive After Sitting At Home During COVID-19 Lockdowns

5/24/2021 - Nikita Mazepin Didn't Finish Last

5/24/2021 - I Wasted 12 Hours Because Of These Idiotic Mistakes. What Was Your Biggest Car Repair Error?

5/24/2021 - Ford Is Talking Like The Anti-Tesla

5/24/2021 - Importing This Honda Beat Is The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had Buying A Car

5/24/2021 - Blip: The Hand Of The Artist

5/24/2021 - At $17,500, Will This 2014 Lexus IS 350 F-Sport Win By A Nose?

5/23/2021 - Reigning Champion Scott Dixon Takes Pole At 105th Running Of The Indy 500

5/23/2021 - Take A Tour Around The Abandoned Confederate Speedway Short Track

5/23/2021 - Anita Millican And The Women Who Paved The Way For Paretta Autosport's Indy 500 Effort

5/23/2021 - Watch How A Gran Turismo Sport Lap of Laguna Seca Compares To Real Life

5/23/2021 - Let's Debate: Do You Splurge On Premium Or Stick With Regular Gas?

5/23/2021 - The 2021 Lexus RC F Fuji Won't Lead Its Class, But I'll Give You One Hell Of A Fun Ride Nonetheless

5/23/2021 - Max Verstappen Takes His First Monaco GP Win In Dominant Fashion

5/23/2021 - Motorsport Explained: FIA Track Grades

5/23/2021 - What Dumb Race Track Is On Your Bucket List?

5/22/2021 - Penske Struggles In Qualifying For The 2021 Indy 500

5/22/2021 - This Is Why Formula One Cars Are So Freakin' Long

5/22/2021 - This Is Your Regular Reminder That We Should Always Hold F1 Journalism To Higher Standards

5/22/2021 - We Need To Rewrite Our Masculine Attachment To Car Culture If Electric Cars Are Going To Succeed

5/22/2021 - This Day In History: Nicky Hayden, American Motorcycle Racer, Dies

5/22/2021 - Let The 2021 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody Stroke Your Ego Sky High

5/22/2021 - Diecast Rally Racing Is The Best Thing You'll See All Week

5/22/2021 - Why Monaco Will Always Be The King Of Formula One Circuits

5/22/2021 - Who's Your Pick For The 2021 Indy 500 Pole?

5/21/2021 - The Big Boat Is Here

5/21/2021 - WRC Is Going Hybrid But You Won't Be Able To Tell

5/21/2021 - Audi Is Planning Its Own EV Charging Hubs

5/21/2021 - Don't Look Now But Nikita Mazepin May Not Finish Dead Last Again

5/21/2021 - Tesla Raised Prices On The Model Y And Model 3

5/21/2021 - Watch Me Talk About Car History On The History Channel This Weekend!

5/21/2021 - How To Watch NASCAR, Formula One, WRC, And Everything Else In Racing This Weekend; May 21-23

5/21/2021 - The Stroad To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

5/21/2021 - I Have Discovered Which Letter Makes Car Names Funny

5/21/2021 - Here Are The Underappreciated Safety Features You Can't Live Without

5/21/2021 - Yellow Enzo

5/21/2021 - The Mazda6 And CX-3 Are Dead

5/21/2021 - Move Over, F-150: Powering A House With A Car Just Got Better

5/21/2021 - In Case You Forgot, Here's A Little Detail To Remind You How Much GM Sucked In The 1980s

5/21/2021 - This Guy Is Restoring An Obscure Japanese Race Car In His Home Garage With The Help Of Internet Car Weirdos

5/21/2021 - Fisker Says It's Making An Electric Popemobile

5/21/2021 - The 2021 Jaguar F-Pace Is Still In The Conversation

5/21/2021 - Mustang Mach-E v Torque: Can An All-Electric SUV Really Impress With Its Torque? (Sponsored)

5/21/2021 - A Brief History Of Gasoline: A Century And A Half Of Lies

5/21/2021 - How Serious Is Tesla About Russia?

5/21/2021 - Detroit-Area Jalopnik Readers: Let's Cruise Woodward On Saturday And Try Not To Overheat Our Cars

5/21/2021 - Feel Free To Cringe While Watching A Jag Roll Off A Trailer, Into A Truck, Which Rolls Into A GTR

5/21/2021 - Blip: I'm A Pigeon

5/21/2021 - What Underappreciated Safety Feature Can't You Live Without?

5/21/2021 - At $3,000, Is This Damaged 2002 Subaru WRX A Damn-Good Deal?

5/20/2021 - With Over 20,000 Reservations For The F-150 Lightning, Ford Will Limit Production The First Year

5/20/2021 - Here's The Definitive Best Method Of Fixing A Stripped Thread

5/20/2021 - Here's Why Americans Fell In Love With Trucker Country

5/20/2021 - Towing Range For The Ford F-150 Lightning Sure Seems Like It's Going To Be Very Bad

5/20/2021 - Start Getting Used To The Toyota Corolla Cross, Because You'll Be Seeing A Ton Of Them One Day

5/20/2021 - Here Are The Close Calls You've Had On Your Bicycles

5/20/2021 - Let BMW Show You Around The Coolest Version Of The Coolest E36 3 Series

5/20/2021 - Photo From 2016 Shows I-40 Bridge Beam Has Been Cracked For Years: Report

5/20/2021 - Let's Dig Into The Design Of The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

5/20/2021 - Porsche Is Just Teasing Us With 630-HP Extra Beefy Cayenne

5/20/2021 - Three Years In And My 1979 Jeep Cherokee Is Still Broken. Help?

5/20/2021 - Ill-Advised Indy Photo Opp Causes High-Speed Crash

5/20/2021 - Cops Told Man's Family He Died Instantly In Car Crash, Horrifying Body Cam Footage Tells A Different Story

5/20/2021 - We Are Tired Of Overpaying For Rentals And Want Something Affordable! What Car Should We Buy?

5/20/2021 - Does Anyone Actually Want This Bonkers Lightshow Mercedes-Benz Is Showing Off?

5/20/2021 - Mercedes's Toto Wolff Is Worried The FIA Is Letting Red Bull Get Away With It

5/20/2021 - The California DMV Is Investigating Tesla Over Its Claims Of Full Self-Driving Cars

5/20/2021 - Ford Is Really Not Worried About The Tesla Cybertruck

5/20/2021 - MMA Fighter Gets A Tesla After Calling Out Elon Musk For Not Delivering His Tesla

5/20/2021 - Blip: What Happened Next

5/20/2021 - What’s A Close Call You’ve Had On Your Bicycle?

5/20/2021 - Audi Will Charge $85 Per Month For On-Demand Vehicle Navigation

5/20/2021 - At $2,500, Will This Manual-Equipped 2001 Lincoln LS Automatically Be A Good Deal?

5/19/2021 - Someone Is Shooting At Cars On Southern California Freeways With A BB Gun

5/19/2021 - Ford F-150 Lightning Starts Under $40K With 563 HP And One Big Ass Frunk

5/19/2021 - Jenson Button's Coachbuilding Company Is Rebooting The Europa-Based Lotus 62

5/19/2021 - Mercedes-Benz Wants You To Look At The Skeleton Underneath Its Latest SL

5/19/2021 - Totally Worth-It Police Chase Ends In Horrific Crash, Cops Ram Disabled Vehicle

5/19/2021 - Lando Norris Extended His McLaren Contract Two More Years

5/19/2021 - Let's Take A Long Moment To Open The Porsche 911 GT1's Wonderfully Complicated Engine Lid

5/19/2021 - What Do You Want To Know About The 2022 Honda Civic?

5/19/2021 - That Rumor That Biden Didn't Really Drive The Ford F-150 Lightning Is Bullshit

5/19/2021 - Here Are The Car Companies You'd Invest In

5/19/2021 - Here's How A Plane Ended Up In The Middle Of A Street In Detroit

5/19/2021 - This Toyota Sienna Is BraunAbility's First-Ever Wheelchair Hybrid Minivan (Updated)

5/19/2021 - The CEO Of Colonial Pipeline Would LIke To Explain Himself

5/19/2021 - Rocket League's Formula 1 DLC Is Coming And I'm Trying To Be Strong

5/19/2021 - Opel Manta EV One-Off Is A Restomod Done Right

5/19/2021 - You Don't Have To Be Straight, But Your Headlights Should Be

5/19/2021 - Yamaha's New R7 Is The Blue Blur We've Been Waiting For

5/19/2021 - My Cheap 300,000-Mile Jeep Cherokee Kicked Ass Off-Road But Then Everything Went Wrong

5/19/2021 - National Cycling Champ Hit And Killed By Driver While Riding Near Her Home

5/19/2021 - The Volvo SCC Concept Predicted Every Safety Feature In Your Car 20 Years Ago

5/19/2021 - Ford F-150 Lightning's Battery Alone Weighs As Much As A Volkswagen

5/19/2021 - Wall Street Is Feeling The Pain Of The EV Bubble Burst

5/19/2021 - Kia Announces EV6 Will Hit The Market In 2022 During U.S. Debut

5/19/2021 - What Car Company Would You Invest in?

5/19/2021 - Blip: One Of My Favorite Family Photos

5/19/2021 - Thrill To Another Volkswagen Taillight Mystery: The Phantom Reverse Lamps

5/19/2021 - At $7,000, Is This TLC-Needing 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser A Totally Good Deal?

5/18/2021 - A Would-Be Car Thief In Houston Tried Breaking Into A UFC Heavyweight's Car And Was Promptly Knocked Out

5/18/2021 - I Guess The Porsche And Audi LMDh Race Cars Will Be The Same Car (Report)

5/18/2021 - There's A $380,000 Bonus From Borg Warner Waiting For Takuma Sato In Victory Lane At The Indy 500

5/18/2021 - The New Hummer's Android Interface Looks Right Out Of Call Of Duty

5/18/2021 - Half Of BMW's Engine Variants Will Die As It Switches To Simpler EVs

5/18/2021 - A Humble Car With An Interesting Design You Never Heard Of: The Hafei Lobo

5/18/2021 - Here's When You Buy Gas

5/18/2021 - Behold This Woefully Inaccurate Version Of Laguna Seca In The Crew 2

5/18/2021 - Canoo Is Now Being Investigated By The SEC

5/18/2021 - You Are Now A Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Speeding Down The 'Twisted Sisters' Loop In Texas

5/18/2021 - Honda And Acura Have The Lowest Service Costs Per Car

5/18/2021 - GMC Hummer EV Will Be Heaviest Electric Car Yet

5/18/2021 - Here's A Sneak Peek At Ford's Electric F-150 Lightning Waiting For The President Under A Sheet UPDATED

5/18/2021 - Mercedes C 300 Sport, AMC Matador Wagon, Saleen N20 Focus: The Dopest Vehicles I Found For Sale Online

5/18/2021 - How Can I Find Out The Factory-To-Dealer Incentives?

5/18/2021 - North Carolina Judge Summoned To Court After Allegedly Ramming SUV Into BLM Protest

5/18/2021 - Amazon, Where Drivers Have To Defecate In Boxes, Introduces New Wellness Plan

5/18/2021 - Union Leader Wants To Require Drivers In Self-Driving Cars

5/18/2021 - Lamborghini's Path To Electrification Starts With A Last Hurrah For The V12

5/18/2021 - Canoo Claims EV Minibus Will Start Under $35,000 When It Goes On Sale Next Year

5/18/2021 - Blip: I'm Just Saying

5/18/2021 - When Do You Fill Up Your Gas Tank?

5/18/2021 - At $8,500, Could This 2013 VW Passat TDI Turn You Into A Mileage Maven?

5/17/2021 - Glickenhaus Might Skip Two More WEC Rounds

5/17/2021 - Deadly Detroit Crash Is A Reminder To Stay Inside Your Car If You Hit Downed Power Lines

5/17/2021 - This Is What It's Like To Attend An IMSA Race During A Pandemic

5/17/2021 - These Are The States You Think Have The Worst Roads

5/17/2021 - There Are Actually Hardcore Tesla Stans Defending The Idiot Who 'Drove' His Tesla From The Back Seat

5/17/2021 - This Is What Happens When You Use An HHO Generator In A Car

5/17/2021 - Maryland Is Going After Out-Of -State Drivers Trying To Skip Out On Tolls

5/17/2021 - The Colonial Pipeline Was Fine, But Its Owner Shut It Down To Make Sure They'd Get Paid Correctly

5/17/2021 - F1 2021 Lets You Sign 7 Historic Drivers To Your Team, So Let's Argue About Their Ratings

5/17/2021 - Suez Canal Adding Another Lane To Prevent Another Ever Given-Style Mishap

5/17/2021 - The 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness Is A Compromise That Americans Will Gladly Make

5/17/2021 - Reminder: Even Slime Molds Can Design A Highway System

5/17/2021 - Paris Plans To Cut Traffic In Half By Banning Driving Through The City's Center

5/17/2021 - The USPS Might Actually Get Its $8 Billion To Electrify Future Mail Trucks

5/17/2021 - Here's Why It's Taking So Long To Get Cars Shipped Across The Ocean

5/17/2021 - Rental Companies Are Messing With The Car Market

5/17/2021 - What State Has The Worst Roads?

5/17/2021 - See If You Can Figure Out How A '66 Buick Riviera Hides Its Headlights

5/17/2021 - Blip: Elegant Like An Air Horn

5/17/2021 - The Transaxle From The Porsche 550 Spyder James Dean Died In Is For Sale

5/17/2021 - At $9,999, Is It High Time You Buy This 2008 Chevy HHR SS?

5/16/2021 - NASCAR's Leonard Wood Spent Quarantine Building A Mini 427 Ford Engine

5/16/2021 - Horrifying Crash In Kansas Sees Car Split Down The Middle

5/16/2021 - I Had No Idea How Much Fuel Airplanes Actually Burn Until This Week

5/16/2021 - McLaren F1 Team Set To Run One-Off Gulf Livery For Monaco Grand Prix

5/16/2021 - Fisker And Foxconn Sign Agreement To Build $30,000 Project PEAR In The US

5/16/2021 - Rinus Veekay Becomes IndyCar's Fifth Winner In Five Races This Year

5/16/2021 - Watch This Glickenhaus 004S Crash So Others Can Live

5/16/2021 - Let This Video Explain How F1's Electronic Marshaling System Works

5/16/2021 - Hyundai's 2022 WRC Rally1 Hybrid Prototype Breaks Cover

5/16/2021 - What Are The Worst Bumper Stickers You've Seen?

5/15/2021 - Someone Buy Me This Airstream Turned Funeral Coach Turned Escape Room

5/15/2021 - This Day In History: 17 States Ration Gasoline For WWII Effort

5/15/2021 - Rainy European FIA Karting Race Start Goes Horribly Wrong

5/15/2021 - Yes, Formula E, You Should Get Rid Of Fanboost

5/15/2021 - The Saga Of The NASCAR Trucks Series And Its Camping World Sponsorships

5/15/2021 - The 2021 Genesis G80 Is A Reminder That Luxury Doesn't Need To Come With A Hefty Price Tag—Or A Legacy Name

5/15/2021 - Ford Patented In-Car Ads Because We Live In Hell Now

5/15/2021 - Romain Grosjean Takes First IndyCar Pole Position Just Months After Horrifying F1 Crash

5/15/2021 - What's Your Favorite Gas Station Chain?

5/14/2021 - You Can Do Two Free Laps Around Talladega If You Get The Vaccine

5/14/2021 - There Is Only One 254-MPH Callaway Sledgehammer, And It's Up For Auction

5/14/2021 - How To Watch IMSA, MotoGP, Indycar, And Everything Else In Racing This Weekend; May 14-16

5/14/2021 - It's So Satisfying To Watch The 11-Foot-8 Bridge Perfectly Can-Opener Off The Roof Of This Truck

5/14/2021 - Here Are The Highest Mileage Cars You've Owned

5/14/2021 - Jeep And Mahindra Are Fighting Again And It's Over A Vehicle Not Even On Sale Yet

5/14/2021 - Abarth Honors Its Legacy By Ruining The Alfa Romeo 4C

5/14/2021 - F1 Calls Off Turkish Grand Prix, But At Least We're Getting A Second Race In Austria

5/14/2021 - Drivers Are Dying In Chicago Because Cops Treat Car Chases Like Demolition Derbies

5/14/2021 - Watch A Waymo AV Get Freaked Out By Traffic Cones, Block Traffic, And Evade Support Vehicles

5/14/2021 - I Replaced My Expensive Lift Kit With $120 Junkyard Springs And Now Everything Is Better

5/14/2021 - This Guy's One Garage Will Take You Through The History Of Modern EVs

5/14/2021 - The SPAC Bubble Is Starting To Burst And EV Startups Have Lost Over $40 Billion

5/14/2021 - Hero Protestor Laid Under Immigration Van For Eight Hours To Stop Raid

5/14/2021 - Woman Bursts Into Flames After Rolling Car Full Of Hoarded Gas

5/14/2021 - Hyundai And Kia Will Spend Billions To Build EVs Right Here

5/14/2021 - What’s The Highest Mileage Car You’ve Owned?

5/14/2021 - Blip: Hey, What Are You Guys Doing Over There?

5/14/2021 - Plane's Parachute Saves The Day After Two Planes Collide In Mid-Air Near Denver

5/13/2021 - The Bitcoin Car Isn't Sponsored By Bitcoin

5/13/2021 - Idiot Caught Not-Driving Tesla From Backseat Claims To Have Driven 40,000 Miles While Not In Driver's Seat

5/13/2021 - Ferrari Is Almost Ready To Give Up On Its 2021 F1 Effort

5/13/2021 - The Electric Caterham Is Coming

5/13/2021 - Here's What The Designer Of The McLaren P1 And Maserati MC12 Thinks Of Burnout Paradise's Cars

5/13/2021 - The Range Rover Evoque Reminds Us That It's Still Here

5/13/2021 - A Kia Dealership Thinks Demand For The Telluride Means They Can Sell It For Nearly $80,000

5/13/2021 - This Was The Stupidest Thing I Ever Did With A Roof Rack And Boy Was My Girlfriend Pissed

5/13/2021 - The Estrema Fulminea Is An All-Electric Study In Absurdity

5/13/2021 - That's $600 Per Valve

5/13/2021 - Here Are The Common Cars You've Never Seen Before

5/13/2021 - This Startup's Semi Hitch Detaches The Trailer In Accidents To Save Truck Drivers

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5/13/2021 - Florida Driver Packs Hummer With Gas Cans And Also Fire

5/13/2021 - The Hashtag #dontbuytesla Is Trending On Twitter Now And The Reason Isn't About Cars At All

5/13/2021 - This Simple Tool Makes Removing Plastic Panels Quicker And Easier

5/13/2021 - The Colonial Pipeline Is Back Up And Running Days After A Big Ransom Payment: Report

5/13/2021 - Binge Watch Project POStal: The Video Series About The Ultimate Automotive Underdog

5/13/2021 - Stellantis To Chrysler, Other Struggling Brands: You Have 10 Years To Get Your Shit Together

5/13/2021 - Shipping Industry Pushes For Law Allowing 18-Year-Olds To Drive Big Rigs Across State Lines

5/13/2021 - Elon Musk's Romance With Bitcoin Was Brief

5/13/2021 - Desperate Consumers Say They'd Pay 12 Percent Over MSRP To Get A New Car Now

5/13/2021 - Blip: Take Your Pick, Man

5/13/2021 - How One Of The Worst Racing Games Ever Taught Me To Enjoy Bad Things

5/13/2021 - What Fairly Common Car Have You Somehow Never Seen Before?

5/12/2021 - Lifted Chevy Bolt Loses 12 Miles Of Range, Gains Nothing

5/12/2021 - Michigan Man Appears In Virtual Traffic Court As 'Buttfucker 3000', Almost Charged With Contempt

5/12/2021 - James May Had To Dismantle His Tesla Model S To Charge A Battery

5/12/2021 - Nine Former Winners Join 35-Car Indy 500 Entry List

5/12/2021 - Are You One Of The Freaks With A High-Mileage Porsche Cayenne?

5/12/2021 - Woman Has Traded Five Cars In Quest To Get House For A Hairpin

5/12/2021 - Formula 1's Neverending Battle With Flexible Wings Is On Once Again

5/12/2021 - Company Claims It's Offering $14,000 Per Week For Drivers Due To Trucking Shortage

5/12/2021 - California Governor Wants $1.5 Billion To Clean Trash-Filled Freeways

5/12/2021 - Suspected Drunk Driver Accidentally Pulls Over For Cop In Spectacular Fashion

5/12/2021 - Buying A $250 Jeep, Jerry-Rigging A Nissan Pao's Suspension With Tape, Fixing A 1969 Ford Mustang: My Weekend Was Weird

5/12/2021 - Here's Where And How People Are Freaking Out About Gas

5/12/2021 - The 2021 Alpine A110 Légende GT Makes A Near Perfect Car More So

5/12/2021 - This Ridiculously Awesome Dekotora-Style Truck Can Be Yours

5/12/2021 - Fight Breaks Out When Driver Tries To Cut In Line For Gas In North Carolina [Update]

5/12/2021 - It Has Come To This: US Government Reminds You Not To Fill Plastic Bags With Gasoline

5/12/2021 - The Lancia ECV Was A Concept Rally Car That Never Saw A WRC Stage

5/12/2021 - As One Pipeline Struggles To Reopen, Another Defies Order To Shutdown

5/12/2021 - Mitsubishi Will Revive Ralliart And Maybe Try To Be Fun Again

5/12/2021 - Toyota Is Raking It In

5/12/2021 - Here's All 185 Inches Of The Stunning Genesis G70 Shooting Brake

5/12/2021 - Are People Freaking Out About Gas In Your City?

5/12/2021 - Americans Love The 2022 VW Tiguan's Lies

5/12/2021 - Finally, A Company Can Make Your Brand New Land Rover Defender All Rusty

5/12/2021 - At $22,900 Canadian, Would You ‘RUF-It’ In This 2001 Porsche Boxster S?

5/11/2021 - Volvo And Daimler Want To Replace Diesels With Fuel Cell Heavy Trucks

5/11/2021 - 2021 Ford Bronco Neck And Neck With Jeep On Power And MPG: Reports

5/11/2021 - Structural Crack Closes Mississippi River Interstate Bridge Indefinitely (Updated)

5/11/2021 - Car Talk Will Never Die

5/11/2021 - The 2021 Ducati Monster Is A More Refined Kind Of Wild

5/11/2021 - Lightning Strike Blasts Hunk Of Highway Through Ford Windshield, Injuring Two

5/11/2021 - Florida Man Tries To Ram Amazon Delivery Driver Off Road After Package Dispute

5/11/2021 - Here Are The Cliché Car Mods You Secretly Love

5/11/2021 - Uber And Lyft Will Offer Free Rides To Get The Vaccine

5/11/2021 - Automakers Can’t Figure Out What Electric Cars Are Supposed To Sound Like But BMW Has Some Ideas

5/11/2021 - A Stolen U-Haul Lead Police On A 53 Mile Round Trip Chase

5/11/2021 - This Mercedes-Benz Diesel Wagon Has 782,000 Miles And Still Looks Mint

5/11/2021 - MG Cyberster's Production Has Been 'Crowdfunded' If You Can Call It That

5/11/2021 - Slowing Down Has Never Looked So Hard

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5/11/2021 - Subaru's First Electric SUV Has A Real Name And A Design You're Certain To Confuse

5/11/2021 - Do The Automakers Really Care If Their Dealer Networks Are Bad?

5/11/2021 - Fiat 500 Abarth, Toyota Previa S/C All-Trac, BMW R1200C Montauk: The Dopest Vehicles I Found For Sale Online

5/11/2021 - It Sure Seems Like A Massive Gas Shortage Is Just About Here

5/11/2021 - Ford's F-150 EV Is Called 'Lightning' Because You Know Why: Report (Updated)

5/11/2021 - Researchers Have Developed A Way To Wirelessly Charge Vehicles On The Road

5/11/2021 - This Vintage GM Coach Bus Is A Retro RV With A Mini Hot Tub

5/11/2021 - Which Cliché Car Mod Do You Secretly Love?

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5/10/2021 - The Husqvarna Vektorr Is The Cute Concept Scooter The World Needs Right Now

5/10/2021 - The Mercedes EQT Concept Is The Electric Van You Want

5/10/2021 - I Fixed This Dying 'Holy Grail' Jeep With $10 In Parts From Home Depot

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5/10/2021 - Reminder: Your Car Is Not An Appreciating Asset

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5/10/2021 - Listen To A Race Car Too Fast For Its Own Good

5/10/2021 - After Surviving A Car Crash, A Driver Plunged Off A Bridge To Save A Child From Drowning

5/10/2021 - Washington D.C. Police Release Body Cam Video Of Those Drag-Racing Cops Crashing

5/10/2021 - So Many Hyundais And Kias Are Stolen In Milwaukee That Police Are Giving Out Steering Wheel Locks

5/10/2021 - EV Makers Need To Accept That Software Can't Fix Every Busted Battery

5/10/2021 - Volkswagen's Electrify America Is Going Rural

5/10/2021 - GM Is Right About The Federal EV Tax Credit

5/10/2021 - Tesla Could Face Class-Action Lawsuit For Drastic Solar Roof Price Increases

5/10/2021 - Windshield Repairs Are Now Incredibly Complex And Expensive Thanks To Advanced Technology

5/10/2021 - Feds Probe 1.1 Million Hondas For Steering Wheel That Veers On Its Own

5/10/2021 - There's A 6-Wheeled Ford Festiva For Sale In Wisconsin And I Have Questions

5/10/2021 - Blip: Behold The Richmond Car Crew

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5/9/2021 - Researchers Warn Against Becoming Too Dependent On Hydrogen To Power Cars

5/9/2021 - Janet Guthrie, The First Woman To Qualify For The Indy 500, To Get Her Own Feature Biopic

5/9/2021 - An American F1 Driver Is Coming—Just Not In The Near Future

5/9/2021 - Let's Talk Autonowashing, The Greenwashing Of Autonomous Vehicles

5/9/2021 - Elon Musk On SNL Sees Rivals Airing Commercials, A 30 Percent Drop In Dogecoin

5/9/2021 - Family Trying To Solve Memphis Cold Case Offers Corvette As Reward For Information

5/9/2021 - Exceptional Mercedes Strategy Sees Lewis Hamilton Take Victory At Spanish Grand Prix

5/9/2021 - Wayward Chinese Rocket Lands In Indian Ocean Near Maldives

5/9/2021 - What Did Your Mom Teach You About Cars?

5/8/2021 - Lotus Could Sell Off The Tooling Needed To Build The Elise

5/8/2021 - SSC Tuatara Hypercar Wrecked In Car Carrier Crash: Report

5/8/2021 - This Day In History: Formula One Driver Gilles Villeneuve Dies, Age 32

5/8/2021 - 2022 Acura MDX A-Spec: The Sportiest-Looking Family-Friendly SUV On The Market Today

5/8/2021 - Antonio Felix da Costa Wins A Stunning Monaco ePrix

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5/7/2021 - Nikola Is Hanging Around

5/7/2021 - Comedy Dynamo Elon Musk Is Going To Host Saturday Night Live

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5/7/2021 - Powerful German Union Welcomes Tesla To Play By Its Rules

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5/7/2021 - It’s Not The Chips BMW Is Worried About

5/7/2021 - Amazon Delivery Drivers Told To Disable Safety Monitoring App To Meet Delivery Quotas: Report

5/7/2021 - Top Gear America Wants You To Give It A Chance

5/7/2021 - Texas Dealership Employees Charged With Illegally Selling Guns And Ammunition At Work

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5/7/2021 - What Car Do You Regret Selling?

5/7/2021 - At $6,200, Is This 1989 Toyota Camry All-Trac A Diamond That Likes The Rough?

5/6/2021 - A Colorado Driver Got A Ticket Based On Another Driver's Snitching

5/6/2021 - Heists Like That Intense Toyota Land Cruiser Attempted Robbery Happen Almost Daily In South Africa

5/6/2021 - F1 Drivers Unsure Spanish GP Track Change Will Make For A Less Boring Race

5/6/2021 - These Are Your Favorite Roadside Attractions

5/6/2021 - Boomer Selling Air Compressor To Fund Liver Transplant Gets Huge Donation From Members Of Ridiculous Car Facebook Group That Makes Fun Of Boomers

5/6/2021 - Volkswagen Is Thinking About Charging For Autonomous Driving

5/6/2021 - Torque Limiting Extensions Help Ensure Your Wheels Are Bolted On Quickly And Safely

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5/6/2021 - Hyundai Is Recalling 390,000 Cars, Adding To The Kia Cars Already Recalled For Fire Risk

5/6/2021 - SpaceX Lands Prototype Starship Without It Blowing Up Even A Little Bit

5/6/2021 - Jag's New Design Boss Is Out After Only Two Years Spearheading A New Direction

5/6/2021 - Judge Says The Ever Given Is Not Going Anywhere (For Now)

5/6/2021 - The Esports Site Behind That Sexist Video Is Secretly Owned By Porsche

5/6/2021 - Aston Martin Might Have Finally Turned The Corner

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5/6/2021 - GOP State Senator Was Driving During Zoom Call The Same Day As Distracted Driving Bill Introduced

5/6/2021 - What Is Your Favorite Roadside Attraction?

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5/5/2021 - 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Starts At $37,340

5/5/2021 - Here Are Your Stories Of Driving Way Too Far In The Wrong Direction

5/5/2021 - The Feds Can Access The Private Data On Your Phone Through Your Car

5/5/2021 - Driving Behavior Can Be Used To Detect Signs Of Dementia: Study

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5/5/2021 - Thank You For Thinking Of Us, New Škoda Fabia

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5/5/2021 - Let's Figure Out What The Car In Netflix' Popular The Mitchells vs. The Machines Was Based On

5/5/2021 - This Poor Guy Was Stuck On A Cargo Ship For Four Years

5/5/2021 - GM Just Made $3 Billion

5/5/2021 - This 68-Mile Plymouth Neon Is The Last Car The Automaker Ever Built, And It Can Be Yours

5/5/2021 - You Could Totally Build A Space Suit Out Of Duct Tape If You Know How To Breathe Right

5/5/2021 - Blip: I Just Like This One

5/5/2021 - What Do You Want To Know About The 2021 Acura TLX Type S?

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5/5/2021 - Having Given Up On Flying Cars And Autonomous Ones, Uber Wants Its Drivers To Buy Their Own EVs

5/4/2021 - Tesla Just Lost One Of Its Biggest Emissions Credits Customers

5/4/2021 - This Dystopian Biker Airbag Crash Vest Only Saves Your Ass If Your Subscription Is Paid Up UPDATED

5/4/2021 - The Suzuki Misano Concept Is Another Beautiful Reminder That All Cars Should Be Inspired By Motorcycles

5/4/2021 - Robert Wickens Is Back In A Race Car After Life-Altering 2018 IndyCar Crash

5/4/2021 - Here Are What You Think Are The Best Car Letters

5/4/2021 - Formula E's Sudden Monaco Track Change Is A Reminder Of How Weird Modern Racing Has Become

5/4/2021 - The Most Interesting New Carbon Fiber EV Has Three Wheels

5/4/2021 - Vietnam's VinFast Reported A Customer To Police For Complaining About Quality

5/4/2021 - I Bought One Of The Cheapest Volkswagen Touaregs On Facebook Marketplace To Drive Across The Country

5/4/2021 - A Bridge Collapse In Mexico City Derailed Two Metro Cars And Left At Least 24 Dead

5/4/2021 - Chevy Bolt Catches On Fire Sitting In A Garage Right After GM Announces Fix For Battery Fires

5/4/2021 - Everyone Racing At Le Mans Just Got Another Reason To Worry About Porsche

5/4/2021 - Thousands Of Passengers Could Be Banned From Flying And Fined For Not Wearing Masks

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5/4/2021 - Covid-19 Cases Shut Down Production Of Toyota's Bestselling Models In North America

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5/3/2021 - This Tesla-Powered Cobra Makes A Great Track Car

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5/3/2021 - The New York City Subway Will Soon Run All Day And All Night Again

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5/3/2021 - Marc Marquez And His Teammates Can't Stop Crashing

5/3/2021 - Someone Built A Cozy Cabin Of A Tiny House Out Of A U-Haul Truck

5/3/2021 - Some EV Drivers Switched Back To Gas Cars After Encountering The Hassles Of Charging

5/3/2021 - Nikita Mazepin Is Not Getting Much Better

5/3/2021 - This 'High-Speed' Turnaround On A Long Mountain Highway Is A Brilliant Time-Saver

5/3/2021 - Video Shows Ford's CoPilot 360 Has Some Of The Same Driver Monitoring Issues We've Seen On Tesla Autopilot

5/3/2021 - Canadians Keep Making Hilariously Bad Fake License Plates

5/3/2021 - Carbon Monoxide Killed At Least 11 People In Texas Ice Storm

5/3/2021 - Bobby Unser, Three-Time Indy 500 Champion And Pikes Peak Legend, Dies At 87

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5/3/2021 - Chinese-Italian Hongqi S9 Hypercar Gains Ex-Ferrari Leadership

5/3/2021 - Yes, The Ever Given Is Still Screwing Up Global Shipping

5/3/2021 - Volvo Is The First Carmaker To Receive The Highest IIHS Rating On Every Car It Sells

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5/2/2021 - Your Lawn Mower Will Never Be As Cool As This Ford Festiva Lawn Mower

5/2/2021 - We May Face A Gas Shortage This Summer

5/2/2021 - I Am Going To Try, And Possibly Fail, To Explain NASCAR's New All-Star Race Format

5/2/2021 - Volkswagen ID.4 Survives Mexican 1000 Off-Road Race Without Mechanical Issues

5/2/2021 - MotoGP Brakes Have To Cope With 2Gs Of Deceleration Forces

5/2/2021 - Lewis Hamilton's Win In Portugal Shows He's Still A Force To Be Reckoned With In F1

5/2/2021 - The 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Is Everything You Want In A Jeep But With 21 Miles Of Extra Electric Range

5/2/2021 - This Day In History: General Motors Acquires Chevrolet

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5/1/2021 - Michigan Car Salesman Cost FCA $8.7 Million Due To Fake Employee Discounts

5/1/2021 - Vancouver Gives The Green Light For A Formula E Canadian E-Prix

5/1/2021 - The UAW Wants EV Tax Incentives To Only Count For American-Made Cars

5/1/2021 - States Investigating Predatory Subprime Auto Lender For COVID-19 Actions

5/1/2021 - Valtteri Bottas Denies Lewis Hamilton Pole At 2021 Portuguese Grand Prix

5/1/2021 - How To Conquer BMW's Performance Driving School As A Beginner

5/1/2021 - Let's Talk About Formula One's Participation In The Social Media Blackout Against Racial Discrimination

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