What Do You Want To Know About The Honda CR-V Touring?

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It’s big, it’s safe, it’s kinda ugly and it prints money for Honda: It’s the Honda CR-V Touring. What do you want to know about it?


I’m gonna be borrowing the new Civic in two weeks, and I’ll have loads to talk about I’m sure, but before I have dessert, Honda is going make sure I eat my veggies. It wants me to take a spin in the fanciest version of its’ family-hauling vehicle. I’m all about practical cars, but not a huge fan of the crossover craze. I don’t really have anything against them per se, they just don’t really light my fire (except as an off-roader. This thing rules). But they’re not really meant to excite, they are practical vehicles for practical people.

The CR-V has been in the American market since 1997, and in that time sales have ballooned along with the size of the car. In 2005, Honda sold a still-respectable 150,219. In 2019 the company moved an ungodly 384,168 units. Even in the plague year of 2020 Honda sold 323,502 CR-Vs, according to Good Car Bad Car.

Despite the usual recalls that cars which retail at such volumes usually experience (Honda recalled 120,000 CR-Vs for faulty airbag in 2019, for instance) this car is a very safe choice for practical people and families. NHTSA gives it five stars and it’s an IIHS top safety pick.

The CR-V Touring is, as you probably guessed, the crème de la crème of these very ordinary vehicles. Available in front-wheel or all-wheel drive the Touring trim package comes with features such as heated steering wheel, leather interior, hands-free power liftgate, Blind Spot Monitoring System and 19-inch alloy wheels. All the CR-Vs (well the ones that aren’t hybrid models) come with a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine pumping out the same 190 horsepower. Front-wheel drive gets you 28 mpg city, 34 mpg highway for a combine rating of 30 mpg. AWD sets you back a single point at 29 mpg combined.

Other than all that noise, what do want to know about it?

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Kaiser Khan

I’d like to know if the CR-V is the most vanilla car available today, and if it isn’t, which vehicle is?