I Am Absolutely On Board With Off-Road Honda CR-Vs

Making regular cars look off-roady has become a big thing this year. You can thank the rise of The Gambler 500 and lingering popularity of Mad Max: Fury Road for some of the lifted Crown Vics that have been thrashing your Instagram feed, but for “practical” adventuring I think a little lifted SUV is the way to go.


Early cute-utes like the first Honda CR-Vs, Toyota RAV4s and Mercedes MLs have the off-road competence to get across gravel, and a good set of tires plus a shovel will get you the rest of the way to wherever you could possibly want to go.

The design of these early compact SUVs, the first crossovers, really, even looks reasonably rugged compared to today’s jellybeans. But a big set of tires, well, do you see where I’m going with this?

Put some big-ass knobby tires on an old CR-V and become an instant badass. It’s likely that you’ll be replacing axles and ball joints more often than you might like to, but I have a feeling you’ll be more mobile than your Jeep buddies since you’ll be burning about half the fuel to go twice as far.

These cars are a couple grand, the right set of wheels is maybe $1,500 more, and as j0rdanpears0n has proven here, that’s a recipe for a righteous-looking adventure rig. (The rubber here is 30 inches tall/9.5 inches wide, which is smaller than the stock tire on a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon).

I think we’re going to start seeing more of these and I am OK with that.

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Man, the west is lousy with lifted XV’s and such

I mean...sure go for it if its the look you want. I dig the look and bless anyone who takes a softroader to places they probably shouldn’t. I decided a while ago that wasn’t for me on account of being able to get a real offroader for less money and work but I can certainly see the appeal.

Frankly I think its the right time for one of these companies (Subaru, Toyota, Jeep) to kick the soft adventure mobile concept into high gear by offering an...um...low gear. Subaru sells a modest low range in other countries already, think of this picture above, but as a factory option, with a 1.59:1 low range so that the feeble like 2.0 could actually cash the checks its looks are writing.