Suspected Drunk Driver Accidentally Pulls Over For Cop In Spectacular Fashion

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Gif: Utah County Sheriff

Some crashes are so bizarre that you just have to see them to believe them. Such is the case with a suspected drunk driver in Utah who lost control and managed to slide right into the front of a police car.

A dash cam video of the unbelievable crash is making the rounds on the internet. In it, a silver Honda Civic appears in frame, loses control and drifts right into the front of a waiting police car. It’s as if the driver found the most spectacular way to pull themselves over for a cop.


On April 28, Utah County Sheriff Sergeant Collin Gordon was headed east out of Cedar Fort, Utah, when the officer noticed the Civic coming down the road at high speed, ABC 4 new reports. He pulled over just as the Honda lost control and his dash cam caught the silly result:


Thankfully, everyone was OK following the crash. The driver of the Civic was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and other charges. The officer has some solid words to live by when it comes to drinking and driving, reports Fox 13 Salt Lake City:

“Those are inexcusable accidents in my opinion. They are definitely preventable,” Sgt. Gordon said. “You’re never OK to drive if you’ve consumed some alcohol, in my opinion. Get a ride, plan ahead. There are options available besides getting behind the wheel of a car. They are putting themselves at risk and everyone on the road.”


Ironically, a recent study by a bunch of lawyers in Illinois rated Utah’s drivers as the tenth-best in the nation, reports East Idaho News. Maybe it’s because they’re sliding right into the police cars, making cops’ jobs way easier.

All jokes aside, it’s always best to play it safe than to end up arrested, or worse. Don’t drive impaired!