People In Bed Wake Up To Car Crashing Through Their Roof

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Photo: Eureka Fire Protection District

I suppose the upbeat way of looking at having a car crash through your roof, mere feet from the bed you were sleeping in, is that the odds of it happening again are likely astronomical. So, with that in mind, perhaps the owners of this Eureka, Missouri home should be delighted by the bizarre series of events that transpired this past Saturday night when a Chevy Malibu torpedoed their roof and ended up in a bathroom.


Astoundingly, nobody was injured in this dramatic wreck, not the two teenagers leaving a graduation party in the Malibu or the couple, asleep in the bed about ten feet away from where the Chevy entered the house.

According to the St.Louis Post-Dispatch, the car, leaving the graduation party at about 1:30 am, swerved off the road, hit into a tree, then rolled down an embankment and hit the fence around the house, which somehow seems to have launched the car “saucering through the air end-over-end,” and into the house. according to a fire department spokesperson.

Local news channel Fox2 got inside the house to show what happened, and you can see how alarmingly close to the bed the car ended up:

I mean, holy shit:

Photo: Eureka Fire Protection District

It’s also reported that one of the homeowners put out a fire with a garden hose just after they were awakened by, you know, the sound of a car destroying their toilet from above.

There’s no report of charges having been filed, and everything seems to be in the insurance companies’ hands now. I also have a suspicion a number of those blue tarps will be employed soon, too.


Watch where you park your house, people. There’s flying Malibus out there.

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This seems an oddly light tone for a post about some teenagers driving drunk or impaired in some other manner and nearly killing innocent people.