Watch Me Talk About Car History On The History Channel This Weekend!

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Oh I look so dumb in these screengrabs
Screenshot: History Channel

If there’s one thing I love, it’s two things: cars and the knowledge of car-related events that happened in the past. Incredibly, the entire field of things of all sorts that happened in the past has a name: history. Who knew? Even more incredibly, there’s an entire televisior network dedicated to the subject, and even more more incredibly, there’s a special two-night show about the history of cars, and I’m on it! Hot damn!

It’s called The Cars that Built the World, and it’s a two-night event, much like the two night events formed by you going out drinking and then having a hangover all the next day and evening, and will start this coming Sunday, May 23, at 9 PM (8 central!).

An awful lot of ground gets covered here, from the very early days of Karl Benz and, more excitingly, his wife Bertha’s first real drive, to the founding of Mercedes, to Soichiro Honda’s rise from humble origins to greatness, the story of Volkswagen, and lots more.


I talked about so much stuff for this show that I really have no idea what bits ended up in the final cut and what didn’t. There’s also a lot of your other favorite automotive journalists on the show, too, so this thing is really star-studded, at least if your definition of “star” is incredibly, wildly generous.

Want to see a clip? Well, too bad, I’m putting one in here, anyway:

So, why not watch it? What else are you doing that’s so important?

I’ll be watching it to see if they cut out the part where I explained that Mercedes-Benz claiming to invent the car is bullshit, and that there were cars for about a century prior to the Benz Patent Motor Wagen in 1886.

If they cut that out and feed the Benz-invented-the-car-myth, I’m gonna be a little pissed, not gonna lie.

I guess I’ll have to watch and see. Oooh, they better not twist my words!