What’s The Highest Mileage Car You’ve Owned?

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We’ve been delightfully surprised by the number of resolute drivers who refuse to give up their first-generation Cayennes. These charming, possibly-monomaniacal people have written to us wearing their miles on their sleeves like a badge of honor.


It prompted this question: What’s the highest-mileage car you’ve owned?

In my case it’s probably my BMW, as it’s (very) slowly rolling its way past a milestone for me: 200,000 miles. Right now, my ’97 318ti is sitting at 196,687 miles and still on its first engine, transmission and clutch!

Still, I have to say: Bimmer, forgive me for I have doubted. The last year or so, my mileage has dropped considerably. The lockdowns due to the pandemic and working from home have meant that the miles aren’t rolling by like they used to. I can’t blame COVID-19 as much I would like, however, because the hatch has acted up a little more than usual lately. It has been on the bench more often, and for longer stretches at a time.

When you combine both the lockdowns and the breakdowns, I worry that 200k won’t come anytime soon. But I’ll keep the faith. In any case, I plan on reaching my record with a few trips upstate and as many day-trips to the beach as possible this summer. I’m eager to soak up the sun, and to travel through Austin’s desolate toll roads and soak in the miles. I’ll be very happy to see my odometer climbing again.

If I’m being fair, those high-mileage Cayenne drivers aren’t lunatics; they’re just committed.

I can relate to that. I always get a kick out of car spotting an older car that’s still out there, living its best life on the road. I find it baffling that there is such a concept as a garage queen.


If you love a car you drive it, period. That means you drive it as much as you possibly can, or take any excuse to get on the road. A car is a car as long as it does what cars do. Otherwise, your car is just a small room with four wheels and a lot of windows.

Tell us all about your high-mileage heroes, especially those you’ve driven the wheels off. What is the highest mileage car you have owned?

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Jeff Glucker

Looking at the history report for my Montero, it had 276,046 in 2013. Then jumped down to 143,622 in 2015. It has 188+ right now on the odometer, which was apparently swapped out at some point. I want to adjust it to reflect the more accurate mileage of 320k+.

The Jag I recently bought has 130k.