West Virginia Might Give You A Ford F-150 If You Get The COVID-19 Vaccine

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States around the country are introducing new incentive plans in an effort to convince its residents to become fully vaccinated. Whether it’s entry into a lottery or a free donut, it’s been encouraging people to get the jab. But West Virginia knows what’s up. West Virginia might go ahead and give you a Ford F-150 truck if you’ve gotten vaccinated.


During his coronavirus briefing, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice stated, “I don’t want to sit back and let Ohio dominate the news.” Ohio, of course, has been making headlines as it crowned its first $5 million COVID-19 vaccine sweepstakes winner, a woman named Abbigail Bugenske. Another college student, Joseph Costello, earned a scholarship to pay for his entire education.

West Virginia wants to join in the fun. Gov. Justice noted that the full rules of the contest will be announced this upcoming Tuesday, June 1, but we can expect it to include million-dollar prize lottery drawings, scholarships, and Ford F-150 trucks.

There’s currently no word on any other details, including the number of trucks that will be available to the public, nor do we know the model year—as in, whether or not these trucks will be new. You’d certainly hope so, but even a used F-150 is a pretty good incentive for a country that loves its trucks.

Other states have offered some interesting car-related incentives. Alabama let vaccinated adults drive the Talladega Superspeedway, which was both very cool and also hilarious as folks learned how to navigate a banked oval in minivans for the first time. As part of Maine’s push to get folks back outside, it’s offering several options that include hunting licenses or even an Oxford Plains Speedway Pass to see a race during the year. In Detroit, you can earn a $50 gift card just for driving someone else to their vaccination appointment.

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Along with Martin, Dutch Gunderson, Lana and Sally Decker

I’ve very recently had a change of heart on these efforts to entice and cajole idiots into doing something they should be doing because it is the right thing to do. How is this for an idea that will save everyone a lot of money.

Dear idiot vaccine skeptic,

You have until June 15th to schedule and receive your first jab, after which we will be sending any unclaimed doses to areas of the country where there are still more people looking for the vaccine than there are available supplies, and countries who still haven’t been able to vaccinate their healthcare and front line workers. Not lottery ticket. No free truck. No free drink at your local bar.

Go fuck yourselves for not doing the bare minimum, you selfish fucks. The rest of us who aren’t selfish fucks are being left in limbo because of whatever bullshit excuse you’re claiming.