Florida Man Tries To Ram Amazon Delivery Driver Off Road After Package Dispute

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Photo: Bruce Bennett / Staff (Getty Images)

Amazon drivers endure tough conditions to keep our lives moving by delivering all of the random junk that we order online. They also deliver important goods, from food to medical supplies. But sometimes, deliveries don’t go so well.

On May 8 in Brevard County, Florida, an Amazon delivery driver refused to deliver a package to the home of William Ulbrik, citing company procedures and protocols, reports Click Orlando news. Ulbrik says that the package had necessary medical equipment inside.

He reportedly became angry, called the driver names then started to chase the driver in his 2000 Toyota pickup. It sucks not getting a package, but what follows isn’t a great solution to that problem.


According to the arrest report, a police officer recorded Ulbrik on his cruiser’s dash cam trying to ram his pickup into the side of the Amazon delivery vehicle. He even went as far as driving into the median of the highway in the attempt to ram the Amazon driver.

Ulbrik was arrested on U.S. Highway 1. He denied trying to ram the Amazon driver, but noted that if he wanted to, he would have. That’s definitely a normal thing to say to police.

This kind of thing is only one of so many challenges faced by Amazon delivery drivers. Not only are drivers instructed to drive recklessly to meet quotas, but they’re a constant target for thieves and people having a bad day. As Business Insider reports, some couriers have even been kidnapped.

As for Ulbrik, he’s facing charges of reckless driving and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill.