What Are The Worst Bumper Stickers You've Seen?

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Photo: Tom Keck (Getty Images)

I truly cannot find a single good thing to say about bumper stickers. I don’t know how anyone feels strongly enough about a cause to commit to slapping a bunch of stickers on their precious vehicle (although I know people feel the same way about my tattoos). But I know you’ve all seen some incredible, awful bumper stickers in your day, and I want to see them.

This is, of course, inspired by a Twitter post that’s been making the rounds these past few days. It shows a Toyota 4Runner that looks like it’s having a severe identity crisis. One sticker proclaims the driver is pro-choice, but another is pro-life. There’s a sticker of a gun emblazoned over a rainbow flag that reads “defend equality.” There’s so much going on here that you have to think this is just a bumper sticker war between family members who feel very differently about all aspects of life.


There are other great responses in that thread that are equally confusing and contradictory, but I want more. I know you fine folks have seen some terrible bumper stickers in your day, photos of which are currently stashed somewhere in the depths of your camera roll. Today is your excuse to relive some old memories and share other people’s awful choices with the class.