Rocket League's Formula 1 DLC Is Coming And I'm Trying To Be Strong

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Image: Psyonix

Rocket League is probably my favorite video game I’m the absolute worst at, and I’m resigned to the fact that’ll never change. It’s fine, I’ve accepted my awfulness. But it’s this profound lack of skill that’s largely kept me from investing in the game or indulging myself in its mountains of downloadable content. That’s probably going to change soon though, now that the 2021 Formula 1 grid will be available to buy starting May 20.

Rocket League did the same thing a couple of weeks ago for NASCAR, which I was thankfully able to avoid because I’m not a NASCAR fan. I’m not confident I’m going to get away as easily this time around. The F1 pack consists of all 10 teams’ liveries and one shared car model, but costs 2,000 in-game credits — the equivalent of $20. That’s quite a chunk of change for skins, but then the game has been free for a good chunk of its life.


Of course, this is far from Rocket League’s first foray into the world of licensed things aimed to entice hopeless car-loving suckers like yours truly. There’s been a Fast & Furious pack, with the iconic Skyline R34 GT-R and Dodge Charger, as well as McLarens and Lamborghinis to name a few other brands.

I’m amazed the F1 thing didn’t happen sooner because it dovetails perfectly with Liberty Media’s strategy to corral the youths. Plus, it’s a way to look good in the game even if you play terribly. Listen, I’m so bad at Rocket League, I once suggested the game have a “No-Fly Mode” where you could still boost, but not in the air, to accommodate my complete lack of airborne vehicle control. My friends are still giving me shit about it today years after I related the idea, which is probably fair.


Anyway, I’ll commend the cute trailer, which cuts Rocket League footage in between actual F1 clips with a voiceover from David Croft. That has me wondering if they could get Croft to lend a few voice clips in the game that could play PA style, much the same way you already hear announcers at some arenas in the game. I look forward to watching Lando Norris and George Russell face off in their respective cars on Twitch after this weekend’s race in Monaco.