Fisker Says It's Making An Electric Popemobile

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Photo: Fisker

Fisker claims this popemobile will be the first electric one, though that isn’t quite accurate. In any case, it is based on the Fisker Ocean, which is Fisker’s would-be Tesla Model Y fighter. As far as publicity stunts go, Fisker has really nailed it.

From Fisker:

“I got inspired reading that Pope Francis is very considerate about the environment and the impact of climate change for future generations,” says Henrik Fisker. “The interior of the Fisker Ocean papal transport will contain a variety of sustainable materials, including carpets made from recycled plastic bottles from the ocean.”

An all-electric papal transport will provide the first exhaust-free and emissions-free experience for those gathered for blessings by His Holiness. The spacious interior of the Fisker Ocean SUV supports a large, modern, all-glass cupola, offering accessibility and visibility for Pope Francis to greet the faithful. This specially created Fisker Ocean will be the first all-electric papal transport – adding to a long line of iconic designs from the pen of Henrik Fisker.


Fisker says it will deliver the new popemobile sometime next year, along with the production Ocean, which Fisker says will start at $37,499 in the U.S. Fisker says the Ocean will start production on November 17, 2022, or “projected” to start then at least.

But if I were Pope Francis I would be in wait-and-see mode, as while Henrik Fisker is a very charming person, he has turned out to be not much different than many other EV startup founders, in that they have shown that producing a sketch of a car, or a concept car, is very easy, but mass production of cars is not.


At least, this time, Fisker has not pushed back his production date again, as he has done so previously, as the Ocean was supposed to get here this year. Someday, I guess, though, for now, Fisker Inc. will enjoy a one-day bump of positive press.