Horrifying Crash In Kansas Sees Car Split Down The Middle

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Screenshot: FOX 4 KC

A single-car crash in Kansas this weekend has provided one of the most horrifying accident images of the year, which you can see in the screenshot heading up this story. What you’re seeing isn’t two cars. That is a single vehicle that was rent apart so violently it shaved off half of the machine.


The crash was reported near 55th Street and Shawnee Mission Parkway in Fairway, Kansas. It was called in sometime around three in the morning, resulting in the road being shut down until just before eight local time while authorities cleaned up the crash and investigated the accident.

Right now, the sheriff’s office has reported to FOX 4 KC that it appears the driver was simply going too fast and collided with a tree. That resulted in the split down the middle that we can see in the photographs above. The accident was obviously fatal for the driver, who is currently the only reported person in the car. That person has not been identified.

The condition of the driver has also not been released, so it is unclear if they were under the influence, tired, ill, or simply driving too fast. The crash is still under investigation; we’ll add further details as they are provided.

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Right now, the sheriff’s office has reported to FOX 4 KC that it appears the driver was simply going too fast and collided with a tree.

FYI I’m about to go pretty dark here. Skip it if you don’t want to go there.

This is a pretty clearly a vehicular suicide. Let’s not beat around the bush here. And to be honest it could be worse. At least this person chose not to involve innocent people in their quest to get away from it all.

As a truck driver I’ve had several co-workers, including a close friend of mine, involved in this sort of thing. The worst one was probably the one involving my close friend. He got hit head on while he was crossing a bridge. This happened in Yuropland so obviously the truck was of the cab over engine design. The Audi that hit him was doing an approximated 100 mph (160km/h, about twice the speed limit). He was in a police chase for speeding already, so they weren’t too far behind when it happened. The Audi stopped moving around the time it hit the rear axle of the truck. After a head on collision. 100 mph is a conservative estimate. Obviously this affected the locking mechanism on the cab of the truck and the whole cab flipped forward into its service position so all he could see out the windshield was the stripes in the road while trying to traverse a bridge crossing a fjord (About a 200ft drop into the icy water) with a vehicle that no longer reacted to steering inputs. As this happened on a long, straight, bridge my friend and the cops following him could clearly see that the driver was aiming for the truck. That was obviously the way out. Nowhere for the truck to ditch it and avoid him, swerving into the wrong lane on purpose etc. It was obvious that this was his means to an end.

At this point I should also mention that my friend had his 7 month pregnant wife with him for the ride. He broke both his legs when it happened, she was fine-ish, kicked out the front window, got out and pulled him out of the now burning wreck. They now have a beautiful 7 year old son despite this and my friend is no longer a truck driver since that day.

I honestly feel like suicide is a weak move, but I do sympathize. I really do. I understand things can be really fucking shitty. I get it, I really do. I have more than once considered that option and two of my close family members, including my mother, already chose that exit so I feel safe in saying that this sort of depression is in my genes.

If you do feel like please seek some help.


Friends, family and as a last resort professionals. Just talk about it to someone. Preferably someone who isn’t gonna lock you in some institution which may well end up with it happening anyway, hence the last resort of professionals.

My last, and probably my most controversial, piece of advice is that if you are hellbent on ending it please don’t directly involve other, innocent, people in it. I’ve got a lot of suggestions and confirmed ways on how to do it, and I’ve already planned mine out, but I wont mention them. If you’re looking for an actual way out and not just crying for help you’ll figure it out.

I know it’s a lot to ask, it’s not like you care any more about anything or anyone or whatever happens after you’re gone, but please try to do it relatively cleanly. Don’t take innocent people with you in the process. I know shit like hitting a truck head on is likely to end with them being fine, but that’s not always the case. Even if they are physically fine, they’ll be waking up in a cold sweat every night for the rest of their lives reliving that moment.

I am atheist through and through, but I really hope there is a special part of hell reserved for people who risk other peoples lives to end their own. Good for whoever this was for not doing so. That alone gives you a spot in heaven if I had a vote.