What Car Upgrade Do You Absolutely Refuse To Spend Money On?

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There was a time, many many years ago, when an infotainment screen was a high-trim option that cost extra money as opposed to a standard in every single car on the market. I’ll never forget being in the market for my first car and having countless people tell me that what I really needed was an infotainment screen, that it was worth the extra money.

Now, I am cheap. I only recently adopted the luxury of flying economy on an airline like United, and that was only because my husband now refuses to fly Spirit after he came off one of their flights with vertigo so bad that he could barely walk. I have only recently allowed myself to book a three-star hotel as opposed to a two-star. At age 18, you simply could not convince me to shell out my hard-earned money for a screen.

I still maintain that stance, but now my option is less “should I spend extra money on an upgrade that gives you a screen” and more “should I spend extra money on an upgrade that makes the currently existing screen even larger.” I hate it. I had eye surgery a few years ago, and it left just a few very annoying eyeball scars that catch the light from certain infotainment screens at a bad angle and cause extra eye strain when I’m driving at night. Even swapping to a dark screen as the sun goes down isn’t enough to solve the problem.


All of that is to say: there are many upgrades I refuse to spend money on when it comes to cars. Sunroof? No. Panoramic sunroof? Hell no. Heated seats? Don’t need ‘em. Heated steering wheel? I need that even less. I will spend money on a nicer stereo. That’s about it. And I will probably go to my grave arguing with my husband, a former Mercedes-Benz salesman, about this because he’s most definitely more of the “treat yoself” mindset when it comes to cars.

What will you refuse to buy?