It's So Satisfying To Watch The 11-Foot-8 Bridge Perfectly Can-Opener Off The Roof Of This Truck

Screenshot: YouTube

I’ll admit that when the city of Durham cruelly raised the infamous 11 foot eight inch bridge by eight more inches, I was devastated. But you know what? Even at 12 foot four inches, that ornery but fair arbiter of height keeps providing quality mild disaster bridge-porn. And today, oh man, is there a good one: An overconfident truck blasts under the bridge, and gets its roof can-opener’d off in just the most satisfying way. End your work week by watching this, it’ll feel good.


Ready? Here you go, multiple angles of roof-accordianing goodness:

Oh, so perfect! The truck is at exactly the right height to just cleanly strip off that roof, peeling it into a perfectly corrugated sheet, which drops, satisfyingly, to the ground at the end.

So good.

At some point I’d like to write a screenplay with some scene where the protagonists are trapped in the back of a truck, and the only way they can escape is to get the truck to drive under a bridge like this and peel off the roof, allowing them to climb out and escape, free to, um, save Lincoln’s ghost or keep the Moon from melting or whatever else the movie will be about.

The rest will pretty much write itself after this scene, anyway.

(via BoingBoing!)


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I’d enjoy this clip even more if I was able to forget the time I drove into my garage with my bicycle on my roof rack.