Infamous Low-Ass Bridge Helps RV Owner With A/C Delete


Ever since the infamous 11-foot-8 bridge in Durham, North Carolina, gained 8 inches in clearance, we’ve had an empty spot in our hearts where bridge can-opener justice once filled the void. Despite the road below now having a full 12-foot-4 of clearance, the bridge is here to say it can still deliver a laugh or two. In crash No. 158, the “11-foot 8+8" bridge removed two air conditioners from a lengthy fifth-wheel RV.

Despite multiple warning signs and a solid red light, the pickup driver and the attached portable hotel room towed drove straight through the intersection. The bridge congratulated the rig by shaving a couple of air-conditioner units off the top. Perhaps the RV owner no longer wanted the air-conditioners and figured the bridge would be a quick way to delete them.


The addition of eight inches seems to be cutting down how many trucks make contact, but a few drivers still give us an entertaining full send into the bridge. Maybe Durham should change the warning text on the illuminated sign from OVERHEIGHT MUST TURN to something like STOP NOW or YOU’LL HIT THE BRIDGE, DUMMY.

If you can’t get enough videos of trucks demolishing themselves using low-ass bridges, we have a compilation for you!

Bow down to the 11-foot 8+8 bridge, else it’ll demand more truck sacrifices!

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You know how if you live in a city, you stop hearing the sirens, or if you live by a train yard, you stop hearing the trains? You think people who live by this thing just don’t react to the sound of accidents anymore?