That Low-Ass Bridge Isn't So Low Anymore But It's Still Low Enough To Mess Up Some Trucks

I know we all lamented the painful eight inches of cowardice that was added to Durham, North Carolina’s famous 11-foot, eight-inch bridge, in an effort to cause less sardine-canning of various trucks and trailers that foolishly ignore the height restrictions of the bridge. Thankfully, though, it seems our worries may have been short-sighted, since the now 12'4" bridge is still capable of administering bridgy justice on height-arrogant truckers, as you can see here.


Here’s proof that eight inches sometimes don’t make a difference:

Sooooo close! That roof got very exfoliated, and I suspect a lot of those pieces fell down into the truck. I like how you can almost feel the confusion and slow burn of the driver as they come to an uncertain stop right after the bridge. That’s the moment where the driver is wishing, fervently, to be able to go back in time two minutes.

Just so you know, I’ve personally checked out the slightly raised bridge:

I miss the old, really troublesome one, but I’m glad to see old 12 foot four is at least trying to live up to the reputation.

(via our pals at BoingBoing)

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How about the 10' 6" bridge that also narrows as you approach with large and sharp curbs?