I have some bad news for those of you who enjoyed watching box trucks get sardine can’d on Durham, North Carolina’s most famous unforgiving bridge: the brutal 11 Foot 8 bridge. Miserably but rationally, the cruel, truck-roof-hungry bridge will be raised, to 12 feet four inches. This rail overpass has been a meager 11 feet, eight inches high for over a century!

Sure, truck drivers will be happy to not turn their trucks into convertibles, but what about us? What about those of us who loved watching the videos? Or, more importantly, what about all those sweet, sweet clicks we got by reposting the videos shot by the 11foot8 camera? We’re the real victims here.

The Durham Transportation Department described their stupid plan in a tweet sent a couple of days ago:


It looks like to raise it eight more inches will cost $500,000:

That money could have been spent lowering it two more inches and not changing the signage.

Man, who asked for this? This sounds like a plot by Big Insurance because they were sick of paying sweet, kind, local mom and pop truck re-roofing shops to fix the trucks that got peeled by the bridge.


I better not hear the Durham City Council lamenting about a decline of tourism to Durham, or to lament the state of Durham’s cultural scene: you fools destroyed a cultural (and possibly religious) landmark.

Goodbye, sweet bridge. You’ll be fucking up the roofs of angels’ box trucks from now on.

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