Feel Free To Cringe While Watching A Jag Roll Off A Trailer, Into A Truck, Which Rolls Into A GTR

Gif: Jason Torchnisky

I suspect everyone watching this is likely to make that same scrunched-up, one-eye-squinting, sympathetic ouch face; I know I did. Someone hunted around for a hard-to-find manual Jaguar F-type, only to have it roll off the car transport trailer, into a Chevy pickup, which subsequently rolled into a Nissan GTR. Ouch.


This was posted to Reddit’s ThatLookedExpensive subreddit, and, gotta admit, that title feels pretty accurate. Though, to be fair, none of the damage looks unrepairable, and I suppose this could have gone far worse if there were no cars on the hill, and the Jag continued down, picking up more and more speed.

Here’s the video, complete with someone gasping in horror:

I’m baffled by a lot of what’s going on here; it’s in the comment thread that I saw this was a manual F-Type. So why wasn’t it left in gear, with the parking brake on? Is that not standard practice when transporting a car on one of these?

I’ve had cars transported, and I know at least the car would be secured with a chain or strap; straps seem to be the popular choice now. I have no idea why there doesn’t appear to be any straps, but just in case you’re some kind of anti-strapper, hopefully this video will make you reconsider your stance.

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Dubblewhopper- dubblewubble the fun!

If this was my Jag or Nissan or Chevy, I would be in jail and the transport driver in the morgue.