If You Could Only Drive One Type Of Car For The Rest Of Your Life, What Would It Be?

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Photo: Spencer Platt (Getty Images)

Picture this: you now live in a society where you are no longer allowed, for some reason, to drive more than one type of car. You have to settle, not on a brand, but on a body style, and this is the body style that you will commit to driving for the rest of ever. What are you picking?


The parameters of my fictional universe are not fixed, so please do not email me to ask for more specifics. You can only drive, say, crossovers. Or maybe you choose sports cars. Maybe you’re absolutely committed to the coupé lifestyle. I’m not going to debate the semantics. I just want you to pick a style and tell me why.

I personally think you can learn a lot about someone based on the genre of body style they prefer. Which is not to say that every luxury SUV owner is a pinkies-out suburban mom who wants to speak to a manager—rather, I think you can see how someone sees themselves and their place in this world. You see someone driving a Hummer, you know that’s probably someone who likes to be the star of the show. A nondescript gray sedan says “I have practical needs and no desire to get creative with this purchase.”

As you may well know, I am A Hatchback Person. I like the practicality of a sedan with the space of a wagon. It’s a car that I can easily park in a downtown area but also convert into a race car if it so pleases me. I am a man of many interests, so I need a car that can just as easily take me on a thousand-mile road trip to the race track as it can transport some fairly large goods from Home Depot. If I decide to have kids, we can probably make a hatchback work. If I decide to just drive my friends around, hatchbacks will do the job. Also, hatchbacks are cute. They kind of look like eggs. I like cute things, and I also like eggs. It’s a match made in heaven.

But I turn the question out to the denizens of Jalopnik: what body style would you stick with for the rest of your life?



As much as I love hatchbacks and prefer smaller cars in general, I am willing to compromise for my longer-legged friends and put my vote towards the advantages of the longer, the elegant, and the versatile station wagon.