Family Trying To Solve Memphis Cold Case Offers Corvette As Reward For Information

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Screenshot: WREG

As a longtime viewer of Forensic Files, I know that folks will go to great lengths just to get some information about an unsolved murder case, but I have never seen a C4 Corvette offered up as a reward for that info. But that’s exactly what one Memphis, Tennessee family has done—along with an additional $10,000.

Dennis Gilliam was killed on September 23, 2011, but his family still has no idea who was responsible for his death. The killer remains on the loose, local news station WREG reports. The case is a decade old at this point, but the family is still hoping to tie up loose ends. That’s why they’ve come together to offer both a C4 Corvette and $10,000 for anyone who shares information that leads to an arrest.

We don’t know much about the Corvette aside from the fact that Anthony Gilliam says it has 76,000 miles on the clock and that the family is willing to pitch in $500 per month for the first year of ownership, just in case there are any pressing concerns that need to be taken care of.


Here’s a little more on Gilliam’s case, from WREG:

Dennis, who did handyman work, was killed the night after a big fight outside his home. His brother, Anthony Gilliam, was there as someone started shooting.

Gilliam says even after they encouraged him to just leave, his brother refused and went to sleep that night. That was the last time he saw him alive.


Gilliam’s wife found him in his bed with a single, fatal gunshot wound to the forehead.

There was one suspect, 32-year-old Ryan Nelson, who was dating brother Anthony Gilliams’ stepdaughter and was present when the initial shooting started. Nelson was arrested after his girlfriend stated to police that he confessed to the murder. But there wasn’t strong enough evidence to take the case to court, so Nelson was released.


The hope is that both the Corvette and the extra money on top will be motivation enough for someone to come forward with more concrete information that can be investigated and corroborated. The District Attorney is willing to reopen the case if that were to happen. But for now, the C4 Corvette continues waiting for its next owner.