The Honda Civic Type R Made Chris Harris Wonder If The Ford Focus RS Actually Needs All-Wheel Drive

Top Gear’s Chris Harris isn’t sure how to feel about Honda. It had its good days, back in the second generation of its front-wheel-drive Civic Type R, but lost its charm for years afterward. But the new car is so good that Harris wonders if one of its biggest competitors, the Ford Focus RS, needs to power all four…

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso Is Actually A Lot Better Than The Weirdly Wonderful FF It Replaces

I always liked the Ferrari FF for being about the weirdest car on sale. I don’t mean the weirdest Ferrari on sale; I mean that the two-transmission’d FF was one of the odder cars a person could buy, cost no object. This year it got what I thought was a pointless facelift. As Chris Harris explains, it’s more than that.